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August, 2004

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    .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 and .NET Framework 1.0 SP3 now available


    This is an exciting month for service packs. Note the separate download for Windows Server 2003


    Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 [for Windows 2000/XP] <>


    Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2003 <>


    Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 [for Windows 2000/XP] <>

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    DevDays 2004 Content Available Online


    Couldn't make it to DevDays 2004? Don't worry - now you can download streaming videos of all of the sessions straight to your desktop. You can even download the sample code, such as the IssueVision application developed for the Smart Client track or Microsoft's submission to eWEEK's OpenHack competition which was referenced in the Web track. Enjoy!

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    Hurricane coming after my hometown...


    I am glued to MSNBC watching Hurricane Charley updates. Last night I figured it would be a relatively mild storm - category 2, or maybe category 3 they were saying. Well now it's a category 4 and it's coming straight for where my Mom and brother live. They don't seem to be too worried, but given that I live in Seattle and I can only see the scary pictures coming across the news I'm getting pretty worried.

    On a lighter note, my friend's Web design and development company changed their home page for today to reflect the hurricane.

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    "False Positives" on Google


    Recently I was talking to my friend about Googling for people's names. She's dating a few people right now and trying to get the low-down on them before she gets any more involved. So I started wondering: What would people find if they were digging for dirt on me?

    Luckily for me the #1 hit for my name is still this blog. But go down a few Google hits and you start to blur the line between me and my same-name-counterparts. For instance:

    Of course, I'm really not smart or married - so these are other Brian Keller's out there. But I am from Florida, so if I was an unscrupulous person I could pass myself off as a Marine Biology expert. Did you know that a whale is actually not a fish? (See - I play the part well)

    Another interesting experiment is Googlism ( They have an engine which looks for nouns and tries to come up with descriptions of them. For example, you might type in "whale" to learn that a whale is "not actually a fish". Type in "Brian Keller" and you get some weird results. Given that I live just outside of Seattle, somebody could easily think that I was "accused of stealing weapons from the base at seatac." Ouch.

    On Google Images, 2 of the first 5 hits for "Brian Keller" are pictures of cemetaries. Hmm...

    I think this is a good excercise for anybody to run, because c'mon let's face it - like it or not, we live in an age where people are going to Google you before entering into a trust relationship (employers, dating, etc.) or just for fun, so you should be ready to defend potential bad press (or change your name!). Of course, you may also need to take more aggressive and proactive measures to protecting your reputation. That's why I made this shirt... (click the image to buy yours today!)

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    Lookout: Rapid index and search capabilities for Outlook


    To quote my friend Alim, “I have been using it for a couple of days and it has revolutionized the way I work.”

    I don't think I'm not your typical Outlook user. To put my usage into context, I have every email I've ever sent or received at Microsoft. That's about 3GB of .PST files - compressed. To open some of the larger .PST files it takes over a minute. But with Lookout installed, I can type in any search term and it will find mails in seconds. Really amazing.

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    Newlyweds @ 10:00 pm, MTV, tonight

    If you were at Tech-Ed in San Diego then you may have seen Jessica Simpson perform at the Microsoft MOM event. I'm getting preliminary confirmations from my east coast friends that clips from that show will be on tonight's episode of Newlyweds. My friend Amy called to say that she saw me in the crowd - very cool!
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    "Heated" discussion


    It's time I threw my two cents into the air conditioning discussion from Dan's blog (see

    So I think what this discussion thread is really missing is a mention of cost/benefit analysis. I think for the type of house Dan and Angie are getting it costs about $5000 for good A/C. In my 3 summers in Seattle I feel like I would have turned the A/C on for maybe 15 days. That works out to over $300 per night. I can get a hotel for less than that and that doesn't even take into account the cost of electricity, noise, maintenance, etc. Of course, there's the value you add to your property and I am from Florida so my tolerance is probably higher than most... but it simply isn't worth it in my opinion. Besides - with Dan and Angie moving into my neighborhood in a few months I can just mooch off of them any time it gets warm. <g>

    For a geek solution to the problem, check this out:
    If I string together a series of powered USB hubs I figure I can create a comfortable array of fans for well under $5000 - and they should all be API addressable which means I can write an application which optimizes the heat flow pattern in my house. That's a lot more fun that just installing A/C, isn't it? :-)

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