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Hurricane coming after my hometown...

Hurricane coming after my hometown...

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I am glued to MSNBC watching Hurricane Charley updates. Last night I figured it would be a relatively mild storm - category 2, or maybe category 3 they were saying. Well now it's a category 4 and it's coming straight for where my Mom and brother live. They don't seem to be too worried, but given that I live in Seattle and I can only see the scary pictures coming across the news I'm getting pretty worried.

On a lighter note, my friend's Web design and development company changed their home page for today to reflect the hurricane.

  • Hi Brian -

    I live in Naples, as you know just south of landfall. Unless your family lives directly (and I mean somewhere around Sanibel, Punta Gorda, Charlotte Harbor, etc.) all should be fine. Quite a bit of debris, downed trees and the like, but overall, feeling pretty lucky.

    It was exciting though, as we originally thought this was going up to Tampa ... watching the radar loop and using my trusty little flexible straight-edge made me go out and pick up the lawn furniture! Who says you need to be meteorologist to forechast hurricanes!
  • I was in Apopka, we didnt get much damage.

    My apartment is closer to Oviedo, and it got HAMMERED over there. Trees down, powerlines down, no water [no electricity].

    So i went back to the hurricane party house and stuck around: we still had power! ;-)
  • I am a little late, but thanks for the plug! You have at least one 352 Media lurker :)
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