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September, 2004

  • Brian Keller

    C# 'that' keyword


    My younger brother, Danny, is doing the same graduate program that I did at the University of Florida. Recently he was given a pop quiz from one of my favorite professors where he was asked to describe what the that keyword does in C#. I must admit - I was also initially stumped because I didn't expect it to be a trick question... I figured maybe, since I focus on J#, I just hadn't encountered the C# keyword (perhaps it was part of C# 2.0 and I hadn't noticed). Ok, ok, so really I have no good excuse...

    But my question for the readers of my blog: If there was a that keyword for C#, what would it be used for? Accepting all answers, real or absurd. I'll post the best ones here. BrianKel at Microsoft dot com. Who knows, maybe I'll ask Dan to champion the best responses with Anders to consider for C# 3.0? :-)

  • Brian Keller

    Back off, Jeanne!


    That's right! Turn tail and go back to the ocean. We've had enough of your kind...

  • Brian Keller

    The Monetary Economics of Thurston Howell III


    This is a really amusing - and educational - article about the use of the Millionaire's (and his wife) money on Gilligan's Island. Which begs the question... how did it become Gilligan's island? Gilligan seems the least likely candidate to be the namesake of the island... but I digress. Here's the article:

  • Brian Keller

    XBox: So many titles, so little time...

    I am itching to play Star Wars: Battlefront, and Fable has peaked my interest as well. Of course, Halo 2 is right around the corner as well. Unfortunately I've picked up a lot of interesting projects at work recently, so I have to resist buying these games right now... sometimes I wish I was 12 again with no responsibility! There's never been a better time to be a kid. :-)
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