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Director of ALM Evangelism for Microsoft

January, 2005

  • Brian Keller

    Students choose Visual J# over BlueJ, JCreator, and other IDE's


    I received this note from Brian Scarbeau, a high school AP Computer Science teacher in Orlando, Florida.

    Thought I’d pass this along. . . My AP students are now using the MBCS hands on.  I don’t require them to use an IDE and they choose either bluej, JCreator or VS. Some started to use Visual Studio for the first time today and they were blown away by the intellisense and how easy it was to use. Needless to say that got the attention of the other students that were using the other ide’s. Guess what IDE all my students will be using tomorrow in class?

    At Microsoft we spend lots of time, money, and energy educating the academic community about the merits of our tools and platform, but we obviously can't talk to every student or teacher out there. So when students independently choose Visual Studio over other IDE's - without any influence from their teacher - it reminds that we're building a development tool that makes life easier for millions of people - students and professional developers alike.

    One of the main reasons I came to Microsoft to do marketing in the Visual Studio group is because of my academic experience. I graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) the same semester that Microsoft released Visual Studio .NET. I remember reading about the product and trying it for the first time and being so amazed at the capabilities. The only unfortunate part about my experience was that the timing of my education didn't permit me to use Visual Studio .NET as part of my college career since it wasn't released yet. So when I was given the opportunity to come work for Microsoft and help teachers and students realize how Visual Studio .NET could help them be successful in their college careers and beyond, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I am living my dream job every day, and my only regret is that I don't have more hours in the day with which to code. =)

  • Brian Keller

    Incredible tsunami satellite photos


    Set 5 is one of the most incredible in my opinion…


    And in a completely tangential thought, I wonder if my deodorant (Axe "Tsunami") will be renamed or discontinued now that there are such terrible connotations with the word. XBox Live!'s codename "Tsunami" infrastructure updates ended up being an unfortunate selection.

  • Brian Keller

    Microsoft's tsunami relief donations


    We received a mail today highlighting just some of Microsoft's contributions to the tsunami relief fund. I think it's amazing the amount of generosity the people at this company show. Here's a snippet of the email:

    As Steve announced in his e-mail of December 30th, Microsoft has made an initial contribution of $2 million to relief and recovery efforts.  We also estimated that we would donate an additional $1.5 million to match employee contributions.  While we still await comprehensive figures from our international subsidiaries, partial reporting shows that to-date employees have contributed more than $1.8 million, which Microsoft will match.  Offices around the world are raising funds in a variety of ways; in EMEA, employees contributed $420,000, to date. Microsoft India reports that 70% of employees have pledged a day of their salary for the relief efforts.  These are just two examples of the generosity of our employees.

    That's an average of $112 per employee, in addition to whatever money people donated separately from our internal matching drive. That makes me pretty proud to work here.

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