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January, 2008

  • Brian Keller

    My Virtual TechEd Interview with Brian Harry

    When I was at TechEd South Africa in October I sat down with Brian Harry to talk about the (at the time) upcoming release of Visual Studio Team System 2008. Brian is one of my favorite people to work with because he's full of great ideas and he is passionate about what he does. Check out the interview to learn about some of his favorite features of Visual Studio Team System 2008. You can also access other Virtual TechEd videos here. Enjoy!
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    Koders now integrates with Team Foundation Server


    Koders just released a product which integrates nicely with Team Foundation Server to help you perform a full-text search of work items or source code, either across your organization or across Koder's database of open source / shared source projects online. I love the tight integration with Team System Web Access!

    For more information see:

    ·         TSWA + Koders code search screencast:


    ·         Koders Pro for .NET Developers:

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    Upcoming Webcasts on Visual Studio Partner Solutions


    My colleague Terry Clancy, a business manager on the Visual Studio Extensibility team, is delivering some MSDN Webcasts covering a wide range of partner products which integrate with Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server. I have always known Terry to deliver very informative presentations so these should be worth attending. The first of these is tomorrow (January 10th) but they are usually archived if you miss the live session.

    Developing Secure Code using Visual Studio Partner Solutions


    Organizations understand the importance of developing secure software and the unrelenting focus necessary to develop secure code. A number of Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partners (VSIPs) provide tools to help you write and distribute safe, secure code. In this webcast, we cover a broad range of products available to support software security, including products that help you consistently enact good process to optimize the security of your code base.


    Attendee Registration URL:



    Defining and Managing Requirements for  Visual Studio Team System using Visual Studio Partner Solutions


    Developing precise and accurate requirements is a crucial step in the success of a development project or a new business process. Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, along with Microsoft Visual Studio partner solutions, can help companies improve their requirements development process. A number of partner solutions provide the capability to define requirements and store them in Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, integrating these requirements into the application development life cycle. In this webcast, we provide a detailed look at requirements solutions that integrate with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team System.


    Attendee Registration URL:



    Using Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server in Cross-Platform Environments


    Many enterprise customers have cross-platform environments and need tools that can bridge these environments. A number of Microsoft Visual Studio partners provide solutions that integrate with Visual Studio for language services, embedded systems, and cross-platform tracing, and with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System for cross-platform client and team builds. This session provides a comprehensive overview of tools to help you design and implement cross-platform solutions in heterogeneous IT environments. 


    Attendee Registration URL: 


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    New Visual Studio 2008 VPC's


    From Brian Randell's blog entry:

    For those of you that want to try out Visual Studio Team System 2008 including Team Foundation Server, without having to go through the process of installing the product, we have recently released two VPC images for your use:

    The first VPC is what we call the “all-up” image: Team Foundation Server 2008, Team Explorer 2008, Team Suite 2008, Team Build 2008, and bits of Office 2007 in a single workgroup security mode server image running on Windows Server 2003. Over 11 GB uncompressed.

    The second VPC is a TFS only image with only Team Foundation Server and Team Explorer. It's just under 7 GB uncompressed. We built this image so that you'd run it under Virtual Server with a private network and do all your dev work and builds from your host computer. We are working on a document that gives you all the details and will post it soon.

    Both images expire on April 1, 2008. Updated images will be posted before then (in fact the updated images will have sample data, hands-on labs, and updates like Office 2007 SP1 and the TFS Power Tools that were announced over the holiday period).

    As such I have updated my instructions for downloading VPC's using a download manager. This can save you a lot of time when downloading the files, especially when using a or unreliable Internet connection.

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