I recently had the great opportunity to support the launch of Visual Studio 2010 by embarking upon a 4-week roadshow through South Africa and Europe (plus 1 unplanned additional week in England due to the volcanic ash cloud!).

I promised that I would upload my slide decks, so here they are. I also used my SpeakFlow presentation on software testing a bit in lieu of slides. But fair warning: about 80% of my talks were based on demos, so the slides in and of themselves don’t really tell a complete story. Instead, I would encourage you to watch the recordings of my sessions from TechDays in The Netherlands. You can view all of the recordings on Channel 9 at the following locations:

And finally, you can run just about all of the demos I delivered during my roadshow by downloading the VHD and hands-on-labs I posted in April. I’m hard at work producing an RTM version of these materials, but for now everything in that VHD will continue to work until June 30, 2010.

I hope you enjoy the materials!