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Fix to May 2011 Visual Studio 2010 ALM Virtual Machine

Fix to May 2011 Visual Studio 2010 ALM Virtual Machine

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I just published a refreshed version of the May 2011 Visual Studio 2010 Virtual Machine. This is to address a low disk space problem which can occur if you assign a lot of RAM to this new virtual machine. Since increasing the RAM increases the default page file size in Windows, and Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (introduced in the May refresh) takes more disk space than the previous versions did, this was causing some low disk space warnings for people who assigned more than 2GB of RAM.

If you plan on assigning more than 2GB of RAM to your virtual machine, or if you plan on installing additional software to your image, I highly recommend downloading the new version here. Alternatively, you can manually increase the size of your VHD using a VHD resizing tool. After you have increased the size of the VHD you need to open disk management from within the virtual machine and expand the size of the C: partition to use this extra space.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

  • Thanks for publishing this fix and the ALM VMs...we use these quite a bit to learn how to use the testing tools. Does this change the expiration date?

  • Hi Faraz,

    No the expiration date is the same (November 1, 2011) and I'll be publishing new ones again in October which push out the expiration date again.


  • Brian,

    The post should read as "Fix to May 2011 Visual Studio 2010 ALM Virtual Machine", while you have "Fix to May 2011 Visual Studio 2011 ALM Virtual Machine".


  • @DG, oops thank you. Fixed. That's what I get for rushing to finish stuff before going on vacation!

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