Updated November 26, 2013: This blog post is obsolete now. The fix referenced below has been resolved in the RTM version of the Visual Studio 2013 ALM Virtual Machine.

I have received several reports from people about the InRelease Preview Hands-on-Lab I published as part of the Visual Studio 2013 Preview ALM Virtual Machine not always working correctly. The most common symptom was that the release workflow would timeout during the “Build Web Sites” step. After investigation we determined that this was a bug in the InRelease Preview which will be fixed for RTM. In the meantime, there is a simple fix for getting the InRelease hands-on-lab working in the Visual Studio 2013 Preview ALM Virtual Machine. The steps are below and have also been published to the Hands-on-Lab document.

InRelease Preview Bug Fix:

1. Log in as Julia. All user passwords are P2ssw0rd.

2. Launch the InRelease Console by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut.


3. Click Configure Paths | Servers then double-click on VSALM to open the server properties window.


4. Change the IP Address Type to Gateway, then Save & Close the window.


Note: User Ralph Jansen reported in the comments that he had to wait a few minutes after booting his virtual machine before the “IP Address Type” radio button became active. Depending on the speed of your hardware your situation might be similar.

5. You may now proceed with the exercises in this lab.

I’m sorry to everyone who hit this bug. Hopefully this allows you to fully experience InRelease and understand how it might help you with release management in your organization.