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Director of ALM Evangelism for Microsoft

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  • Blog Post: XNA Community Games

    Today the XNA team delivered some much-anticipated details regarding the forthcoming XNA Community Games which will allow XNA game developers to upload and even make money selling their games via Xbox LIVE. For more details check out: I'm especially...
  • Blog Post: Will XNA tools be able to help reduce game sizes?

    In this article, Aaron Stanton speculates that XNA technologies might be capable of helping game developers reduce the size of their games in order to fit more game content onto DVD's. I'm pleased to confirm that based on our tests with early versions of XNA technology on actual game sources we have...
  • Blog Post: XNA: Enabling studios and publishers to develop better games

    The past few months have been keeping me pretty busy, as you might discern from the lack of blog entries. That's because after we shipped Visual Studio 2005 on November 7th I transferred into a new role at Microsoft. My new job is on the XNA team, which has me working in the Xbox group. It should go...
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