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    J# Browser Controls v1.1b in Beta


    We just released the beta of J# Browser Controls v1.1b! Here are the new features:

    • Scripting support - allows your Browser Control to interact with JavaScript (or VBScript) on the Web page that is hosting it
    • Offline support means that your Browser Control will work without requiring it to be hosted on a Web server

    These are the top customer requests we've received for J# Browser Controls, and because of the great feedback we've receive on the first release we were able to make this happen for 1.1b.

    For those unfamiliar with J# Browser Controls, they provide the capability to migrate existing applets to run within the context of the .NET Framework - usually with no changes to the Java applet source code! This is really helpful for developers migrating applets away from the MSJVM.

    You can download the beta of 1.1b here:

    The beta is quite good, but if you'd prefer the “shipping“ version, version 1.1 is still available here:

    We invite you to provide feedback at the public newsgroup: microsoft.public.dotnet.vjsharp

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    Marketing plastic


    Well, looks like everybody's favorite couple Barbie and Ken are no longer an item after 43 years. Well, this is the 21st century, so I guess with 40% of first marriages ending in a divorce this should not be too surprising.

    Also, it looks like Barbie is now dating a new guy named River! And she's getting him an MP3 player for Valentine's day. I hope it plays WMA's. Pretty weird to see Barbie blogging about a new guy though after all of these years with Ken. I hope he's taking it well.

    But - regardless of whether or not it was a smart move to split the couple up - it did get them numerous headlines and as they say, there's no such thing as bad PR.

    Which is a perfect segue into my announcement: J# and C# are dating! If anybody would like to do a story on this, please contact Waggener-Edstrom.

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    Frequent Flyer Excise Charge


    Wow - long time no blog. I honestly never thought I'd be one of those people who starts blogging then stops all of a sudden, but one thing led to another and... well, let's see what happens. Looks like BGold and Dan are on the top 25 viewed blogs on Weblogs, so maybe I can be inspired.

    My post today comes to us from the Sprint Terms and Conditions of Service. So I signed up at for their promotion. I get 6000 United frequent flyer miles (which I can always use since my family lives down in Florida) and I got my welcome package yesterday. Well, I'm pretty deliberate about reading the fine print on these sorts of things, so I looked here:
    4.4 Frequent Flyer Excise Charge. If you participate in an Airlines/Sprint Partnership Program, you will incur a monthly Frequent Flyer Excise Charge calculated as follows:
    Total Frequent Flyer Miles Earned X $0.0010
    For example: 270 total frequent flyer miles earned from Sprint X $0.0010 = $0.27

    Are you kidding me?! Let's do the math... 25,000 miles to get a free ticket... 25,000 x $0.0010 = $25.00. Why on earth would I have to pay this? Nickle and dime me to death and soon it's not a free ticket any more. Obviously Sprint thought they could recoup the costs of the promotion by putting a hidden fee buried in the fine print. My girlfriend recently had a really, really bad experience with Sprint on her cell phone. It took her about 90 days to transfer her cell phone number from her Sprint phone to AT&T - meanwhile, Sprint shut off her phone so she had no cell phone for that time, yet Sprint was still charging her. Ugh. Ok, so not the most optimistic blog tonight but I needed an audience for my frustration. Off to Portland tomorrow for some R&R... that will be fun.

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    Home sweet home


    Well this is my first blog entry in several months. Yes, I got caught up with life and work and have been distracted from my career as a blogger. But I love this new interface on ASP.NET and maybe this blog will get more attention than the last one did. :-)

    For those interested in my archive posts, see

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