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Product Reviews coming soon…

Product Reviews coming soon…

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I’ve been out of the mix lately with an avalanche of health issues… the latest of which is a pinched sciatic nerve. Never the less I will be putting up some reviews of some of the coolest applications, tools, and visual studio add-ins and here is a partial list of what is to come:


Altova MissionKit 2010

JetBRAINS Resharper 4.5 & 5.0

PreEmptive Solutions dotFuscator

DevExpress DXperience v2009

and more…

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  • Has any come up with a solution for HDMI audio yet.  I am going crazy with Windows 7.

    Fatal1ty F190 HD motherboard with realtek ACL 888 onboard audio chip.  ATI Radeo Xpress 1200 graphics.  No audio at all.  ATI HDMI audio driver says it installs, but it is nowhere to be found.  Realtek Audio driver starts to install and then says it that no drivers support the package.  

    No audio shows up a lot for Windows 7 when you Google Windows 7 audio problems.

    Is there a fix?  And if not now, do you know of one coming?  Otherwise, I may have to revert to XP.

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