There are few programs that I don’t go without but one of them is jpsoftware’s Take Command. It corrects just about every complaint I have with the built in CMD program in Windows. The most useful feature is that it allows me to have multiple “command prompt type” tabs… one with their own Take Command Console (TCC); another with the standard CMD (Although enhanced with the goodness that is Take Command), PowerShell, Cygwin, bash and loads more. Take Command easily saves me an hour or more per day. The ability to create my own scripts, and buttons for my common commands is the biggest timesaver. For a full list of features check out their product page: but you will get your money back in productivity savings almost immediately! My only gripe is that it doesn’t currently support the Windows 7 Tab previews on the taskbar, but I’m thinking about working that out with a plugin if they don’t add that feature.