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WinAbility Software’s AB Commander: A great native 64bit replacement for explorer.

WinAbility Software’s AB Commander: A great native 64bit replacement for explorer.

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There are several windows explorer replacements out there… ranging wildly in price. I’m attempting to be a 64bit snob and use as many true 64bit apps as possible. AB Commander, as with most of the replacement it checks all of the boxes:

  • Side by side view.
  • Enhanced file and folder tasks.
  • Additional operations like file splitting.
  • Folder comparison, synchronization, and more.
  • Tabbed Interface
AB Commander

My absolute favorite feature is the ability to quickly export a list of folders and files to a csv file. See the screenshot below to see the advanced options that you have when exporting to a “list” in AB Commander.


It also has an exceptional “Quick Find” feature that will search within the text files in the current directory. I can use this for even the most stubborn of code folders.

Quick Find

If you are looking to replace windows explorer, even with the Windows 8 upgrade to explorer AB Commander is a great choice! For all AB Commander licensees you also get a free copy of their disk space visualizer which should cost at least $20:

Space Investigator

Try for yourself at you won’t be disappointed.

  • How does it compare to Total Commander?

  • I bought this company's FolderGuard some years ago and recently had a problem with it. An entire partition is now inaccessible. I've tried twice to get in touch with their tech support - which for obvious reasons one would need to be able to count on with a product like this - and they have not responded. I also note that their Web site seems to be down. I would advise anyone against buying anything from this company. WinAbility is out of business, or else WinAbility tech support is non-existent.

  • Lestrad: we reply to all support requests we receive through our online support website:

    If you sent us an email and received no reply, it could be that your email or our reply got caught in a spam filter or something. To avoid such problems, always use the online support link above to contact us (be sure to write down your support ID, displayed on the page after you've sent the message,  to be able to read our reply online, without relying on email.)

    Thank you,

    Andrei Belogortseff,

    WinAbility Software.

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