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Productivity Tools: PhraseExpress – Text Expander for Windows

Productivity Tools: PhraseExpress – Text Expander for Windows

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I pride myself on my laziness… By laziness I don’t mean the typical definition; I mean my hatred for repetitive tasks. In many circumstances I will actually write my own code to eliminate the nonsense, automate the trivial, etc. A long time ago I was a user of another company’s solution for auto-complete features outside of my IDE. As I’ve shared previously I have a pretty logical position on software subscriptions: Licensing with that other product, has become a perfect example of what I’ve come to despise. PhraseExpress is free for personal use, and their licensing model for the professional version is as it should be: “Your license does not expire. Updates within the same version number are free-of-charge (E.g. an update from v9.1 to v9.2). Upgrades to future new versions (e.g. v9 to v10) are available at discount to existing users”.

First thing I noticed when switching to PhraseExpress was how well it just works with little to no customization. Unlike some of its competitors I haven’t encountered an instance where it just didn’t work. The core features center around “Autotext” and “Auto-Complete”, but some of the other useful features include a clipboard manager that enables you to recall multiple items copied to your clipboard and paste them as easily as before. You can define text shortcuts to launch programs, e.g. type “np” to launch notepad.

Hands down my favorite feature is the recognition of repetitive text… Many programs will allow you to define text shortcuts that will expand them into much more; I don’t know of another that does this good of a job at paying attention to what I type, and then making it automatically available for auto-complete. In addition to its learning capabilities it allows for the control freak in me to customize and tweak every little thing in its settings (Even more with “Expert Options”.

In the latest version it sports syncing to the cloud (SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), full Windows 8 support and enhanced security. Check out the newest features here.


See the picture below for a good overview of the basic features, check out the demo or just download it today and have a go, it’s free for personal use!


  • One of my favorite tools. I cannot live without it!

  • Well,

    I use it a lot and I like it.

    The next version will have Dutch translation.

    When typing a lot and using a lot of recurring phrases, than these kind of software are a must to have! :D

    There are paid and free versions. I use a free version, Personal use!

    Many thanks for the free version of the free PhraseExpress!

  • This is a test comment

  • is also a nice tool

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