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    Configuring Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server to install/run on a multi-homed server

    Cohosting other web sites on the same server as the application tier of Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a common request and while it is not our typical scenario it is fairly easy to configure with IIS 6. Once you configure the IIS settings you will be able to install other web applications on the same IIS server and using the same TCP port (e.g. port 80). This is accomplished by configuring the host headers in IIS so that IIS will point Team Explorer and sharepoint requests to the correct web site....
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    My new favorite component company!

    Sky Software just keeps creating all of the shell enhancements that you could want.. all at a reasonable price and taking the complexities out of Shell programming from .NET. Their latest component suite, which just entered Beta, and is expected to release...
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    Exciting new shell components from Sky Software.

    The latest version of Sky Software’s Shell MegaPack.Net is a suite of components that gives you easy and efficient access to the windows shell by exposing the following controls: FolderView , FileView , ShComboBox , ShellObjects . Keeps the existing functionality...
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    Tools, Components, and Addins... Oh My!

    I decided that I would compile a list of the tools that I use in Visual Studio, specifically those that I feel that I cannot code without. I will be adding to this list over time and if you feel that I missed some please don't hesitate to let me know...
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