Part of the job of a program manager is to make the tough calls balancing features, time-to-market, and available resources.  Blogging seems to offer the potential for gathering near real-time feedback on trade-offs without conduct a survey, producing a prototype, sending e-mail, or traveling.  However, getting feedback through a blog would seem to require two critical things.  First, a willingness to share early information and to address the inevitable changes post-blog.  Second, your blog needs a readership that is representative of the customer you are targeting otherwise how do you screen the feedback.  This seems to be the most challenging hurdle in trying to use blogs to help drive product decisions.


Be that as it may, I will be posting several blogs over the coming weeks that outline the plan of record for Visual Studio Team System deployment requirements.  My desire is for you to send me feedback on these requirements before they can’t be changed :-).  I’m just as interested in things we could cut as well as add.


To address issue #1, I ask your patience and understanding of the fact that what I post today will not be what we ultimately deliver.  To address issue #2, I would ask you give me some background on your company and the reason why any changes you are requesting is important to you, your clients, or your company.