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    Project Server 2013 August 2014 CU Released–and some corrections


    Before posting this cross announcement I did some double checking and found my earlier Project Support post was wrong – there is no requirement for SP1 in the August 2014 Cumulative Update for Project and Project Server 2013.  I’ve made some updates, but a little more background here.

    I was having a ‘senior moment’ and had been expecting a new baseline to SP1 soon and put 2 and 2 together when I saw the small file sizes – and made 5.000001.  Apologies for the confusion.  I hadn’t noticed that the main cause of the high file size of the server packages, the SharePoint coreserver package, is not released and had just seen the smaller oserver and sts packages.  That was why it was quick… 

    This raises another point which Stefan Gossner brings up in his post – with no coreserver package this month and no uber packages there isn’t an easy way to be ‘cumulatively’ patched up to August 2014 CU for the whole SharePoint and Project farm.  For Project there isn’t an issue, as all our updates come in a limited set of msp files, and all are released – but for the many components of SharePoint, if there isn’t a release of a specific msp in the Cumulative Update then you may then miss updates for this component that were released last month for example.  Hence Stefan’s guidance to load SP1 and the July 2014 CU before loading the August 2014 CU.  So for just the Project updates it is quick – as usual – but for the full server it doesn’t look like it will be any quicker and probably slower.  Sorry.

    There is no Server CU for 2010 this month – just the client, and no server packages either – so worth seeing Stefan’s 2010 post too.

    Full announcement details on Microsoft Project Server 2010 and 2013 August 2014 CU Announcement.

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    Project Lite: Without Project Online it is as much use as a chocolate teapot


    Hopefully the title got your attention!  The Project Lite license is a great addition to the Office 365 product portfolio and reduces the cost considerably for Project Online customers who have a lot of team members. but it is only of any use if you have Project Online.  I wanted to dispel a couple of myths – if you have a trial Project Online tenant it will NOT stay alive if you just keep one paid Project Lite license.  The Project Web App and the Project Online capabilities are tied to Project Online licenses – so they will get de-provisioned if no Project Online licenses are present.  One way to see this in reverse is that it is theoretically possible to create a new ‘tenant’ with just a single Project Lite license – but this will NOT give any Project Web App site or any ability to create one until a Project Online license is purchased.

    I guess if the quality of chocolate is high enough then the chocolate teapot does have a use – just not as a teapot…

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    Project Online–a couple of posts over on Project Support


    Just in case you see this blog but haven’t subscribed to the feed for the Project Support blog on TechNet I thought I’d mention a couple of recent posts.

    Project Online- Demonstration package for OData and SSIS covers a new sample package to help with Project Online reporting that shows how to pull time phased assignment data from Project Online using SQL Server Integration Services and the recently added OData capabilities.


    Project Online- Look out for a few changes in Project Web App tells of some upcoming enhancements on Project Online.  Being able to control the connecting Project Professional version is one, and one I forgot to mention is that we are changing the default EPT for new PWA instances (will not affect existing customers) to the Enterprise Project from the SharePoint task list.

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    The First Ever Project and Project Server 2013 July CU


    Going forward we may now be releasing hotfixes (aka Cumulative Updates) in the odd numbered months as well as the even ones for Project 2013, Project Server 2013 and SharePoint 2013 – and the rest of the Office family.  July is the first of these.  I have just posted the release blog over on the Project Support blog - Microsoft Project Server 2013 July 2014 CU Announcement.

    This July CU contains a number of fixes that have been eagerly anticipated:

    On the client side we have the root cause fix for the Invalid Lookup Table issue that we released a server fix for last month that will avoid the Error 9000 (or at least this cause for it).

    Assume that you use some local custom fields that contain some lookup tables in a project in Project 2013. Then, you save the project to Project Server. Later, you delete the project from the cache. When you open the project and save the project again, the lookup tables may be corrupted and you receive an error message that resembles the following:

    The following job failed to complete
    Jog Type: Save
    Error ID: 9000(0x2328)

    and also the fix for the wrong baselines being displayed in the client (which I know a certain Russian friend will be very pleased to see!). 

    When you open a project that contains multiple baselines, the time-phased baseline cost for tasks or assignments is displayed incorrectly. For example, when you check the time-phased Baseline1 cost values, they display the values for the time-phased Baseline cost instead.

    The other couple of client fixes are on the ProjectBeforeAssignmentChange VBA event and an issue with too many e-mail notifications being triggered when opening plans from SharePoint task lists.

    On the server side just a couple of new fixes, a baseline issue with negative costs has been resolved and we have done some work to avoid issues when publishing many projects at once which could cause problems with "Synchronize Project Web App Permissions to Project Web App" user synchronization job failures.

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    Project Cumulative Update Webcast–back by popular demand!


    Well popular demand in project circles means a few of you asked when we would do these again – and I am happy to say there is one scheduled for June 24th 2014 at 9:00am PST!  See for the details and click here to add it to your calendar.  I will be covering the June 2014 Cumulative Update release for Project and Project Server 2010 and 2013 – and will probably mention the recent SP1 and April CU releases – and some what’s new stuff on Project Online.


    Just the one schedule so far but we do hope to continue these into the next Microsoft financial year – probably after a summer break.  The bad news is that Adrian will not be available to join me on this one – just me unless I can talk some of my colleagues into helping out.  Looking forward to speaking with you all again!

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