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Project Server 2007 - Common installation problems

Project Server 2007 - Common installation problems

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These are probably repeats for many of you reading - but based on personal experience there are still some people that haven't got these messages:-

  1. If you are going to run Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 on the same farm then ALL servers need both sets of bits loaded - and preferably Office SharePoint Server loaded first.  Failure to do this will probably first be seen when provisioning fails for your PWA sites.  You don't have to run all the services on all the servers - but you just can't have a "Project Server" in a farm of SharePoint servers.
  2. If you do a one-click installation of Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 (either using the Basic option, or then Advanced and Stand-alone) and then can't find your databases then chances are they are in a SQL Server 2005 instance called <machinename>\OFFICESERVERS.  The one-click doesn't allow you to choose your database server - it creates a SQL Server 2005 Express Edition instance for you.  If this isn't what you want then best to uninstall and try again - this time using the Advanced, and then Complete - which does allow you to select your SQL Server.  This will still permit you to have everything on a single stand-alone server - but with the SQL Server of your choice.

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  • Brian,

    THANK YOU. No I did not complete the install. The install docs should be more available.


  • Brian,

    I have installed Office Project Server 2007 on same machine and ran configure ... Sharepoint products etc...

    http://domain/ for sharepoint and http://domain/pwa works good

    but when i installed Portfolio server 2007 and tried Attribute Mapping Template Management the error message was "Could not validate user 'Admin' for project server 'Link Name'."


    Fiji Gov.

  • Brian,

    I have installed Office Project Server 2007 on same machine and ran configure ... Sharepoint products etc...

    http://domain/ for sharepoint and http://domain/pwa works good

    but when i installed Portfolio server 2007 and tried Attribute Mapping Template Management the error message was "Could not validate user 'Admin' for project server 'Link Name'."


    Fiji Gov.

  • Hi Ron,

    It looks like your gateway is setup incorrectly.  You may want to review the deployment guide as it has some info there on correctly setting up the gateway but it does not have info on setting up templates. Aside from that you may have better luck opening a support incident and we’ll always be happy to help from there.

    Best regards,


  • I am needing help getting graphical indicators working in PS2007. Does anyone know where a good tutorial is?

  • Hi to all,

    I am facing a problem that is while saving a project from project proffessional 2007 to project server 2007, it is taking too much time. Can anybody has any idea about this.



  • Users of PWA or Project Pro 2007 are not able to view any Enterprise project file. PWA allows access, but Project Center says there are no views available. I can see the project myself, but the other users accounts should allow this also. I even tried giving full control to another user account and he still could not see the project. Please Help!

  • Hi Rohit,

    How much is too much?  And what is taking the time?  The save happens first to the local cache, and then the local cache sync with the server and places the save in a queue, and finally the queue processes the save into the database tables.  If the project is large or very complex (many task custom fields), or the connection is slow, or the queue is very busy with other work this can all lead to a slow save.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Brian,

    I'm new to this Project Server thing and hoping that you can help me. Well I build the pwa with port 95 base on some old documents that provided to me. And to access it, I need to type http:\\servername:95\pwa

    My management does not like it and want me to change it to standard port 80 and set it to standard http:\\

    I wonder where I start? Do I need to delete and recreate pwa?

    Hope you can provide me some assistance.


  • Okay, Brian, I give up.  I think I'm losing my mind.

    On my laptop, a brand new, fresh install of Vista.  A brand new, fresh install of Project Pro 2007, and of Outlook 2007.  On the server, a brand new, fresh install of Project Server 2007.

    Installed the Project Add-In for Outlook.  In OL, went to Options -> Project Web Outlook -> Advanced -> Enter login information and put in the same URL that I put into the browser on the laptop, which is (ugly, I know, but I haven't mastered how to make it work without the /pwa part yet).  When I do that, the add-in says "The Project Server URL seems to be invalid.  Please check the spelling of the Project Server URL."  So I did, and it's fine.  

    Remembered that someone else had posted about having a problem with their PWA site not being in their trusted site, tried that.  No change.  Even after a reboot.

    Thought maybe it was because I was trying to use a Windows account, so tried every possible combination of things I could think of for the Project Server account (meaning things that actually would WORK in Project Server), keep getting the same error.

    In a browser, this works from every machine on the network.  Outlook add-in, not so much.

    Any thoughts?  (And if you want to teach me how to remove the /pwa from my URL, I'd name my next kid after you - even if it's a girl.)

  • Hi Neil,

    I can't see anything obviously wrong and you have tried all the troubleshooting steps I would suggest.  You could try the IP address or machine name rather than the fully qualified domain name if you haven't already.  Other than that a support incident may help you get to the bottom of this one.  To get rid of the /pwa you can set a host header.  I don't have a good reference document for this but the option is there when you create the PWA site.  I certainly won't hold you to naming your next born Brian - especially if she is a girl!

    Best regards,


  • Hi Dan,

    You could try Alternate Access Mapping in SHarePoint Central Administration, Operations.  This allows you to set other URLs that go to the current URL.  I haven't tried this for moving between ports however.  You might just be better to start again.  If you don't have any WSS sites created yet for document sharing (or anren't using them) then you can provision a new site against the existing databases (after deleting the port 95 site) and all will be well.

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    I intend to put a PWA site online, so that it can be accessed through the outside.

    The external address of the machine is working (,  and so is the internal one (http://utamaro). The

    External address accesses from within the network is also working very well ( by internal.

    These are the configured addresses at the Alternate Access Mapping:

    Internal URL: http://utamaro;   Zone:Default;   Public URL for Zone:


    Internal URL:;   Zone:Internet;  Public URL for


    Internal URL:;   Zone:Internet;  Public

    URL for Zone:

    When I try to access PWA through the exterior ( I am asked to login and put a password to connect. I put this information and go into the page, mas it doesn't completely open. It keeps asking me to introduce new information and password with the following message:

    "The server at requires a username and password".

    I cancel it and the process happens two more times.

    After that the page opens and everything is ok. However when I switch the page these data are requested again for three more times.

    Can you help me understanding the reason of this repetitive autentication? What do I need to do so that it stops happening?

    Many thanks in advance.


  • Hi Hernandezz,

    This may relate to your IE settings.  Normally in the Internet zone the username and password is not sent, and the prompts appear.  The best option if you are happy to trust this site is to add the address to your trusted zone and this should resolve the issue.  If not then check the IE settings for User Authentication on the security tab (last in the list).


  • Just for a sanity check - when you state it needs to be installed on ALL servers - does that mean the database and index server as well?

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