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Project Server 2007 - Common installation problems

Project Server 2007 - Common installation problems

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These are probably repeats for many of you reading - but based on personal experience there are still some people that haven't got these messages:-

  1. If you are going to run Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 on the same farm then ALL servers need both sets of bits loaded - and preferably Office SharePoint Server loaded first.  Failure to do this will probably first be seen when provisioning fails for your PWA sites.  You don't have to run all the services on all the servers - but you just can't have a "Project Server" in a farm of SharePoint servers.
  2. If you do a one-click installation of Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 (either using the Basic option, or then Advanced and Stand-alone) and then can't find your databases then chances are they are in a SQL Server 2005 instance called <machinename>\OFFICESERVERS.  The one-click doesn't allow you to choose your database server - it creates a SQL Server 2005 Express Edition instance for you.  If this isn't what you want then best to uninstall and try again - this time using the Advanced, and then Complete - which does allow you to select your SQL Server.  This will still permit you to have everything on a single stand-alone server - but with the SQL Server of your choice.

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  • Hi Chris,

    Not the database servers if that is all they are doing - but I think if the index servers have MOSS bits then the Project Server bits would be needed too.  One test would be not to add them and check the ULS logs for errors.  I would imagine this scenario not giving any user errors but may give background errors in the ULS logs and event logs.

    Best regards,


  • Hi All,

    Can anybody tell me where can I find the installation document for project server 2007 for distributed enviornment.(using Project server web, Sql server 2005 on other server & SQL reporting server on other server so basically 3 server architecture)



  • Hi Amit,

    This Technet page - covers different deployment scenarios.  The Farm deployment should be the one covering the topology you describe.

    Best regards,


  • Cannot connect to the server 'project server'. The server is either not started or too busy.

    I get this error message when I connect thru web and try to use data analysis. I can do everything else fine.

  • Kevin,

    I would greatly appreciate your assistance as I'm trying to configure an Extranet to access PWA and almost all articles that I read unfortunately contain partial information and most of them use an ISA server or reverse proxy which we do not use.

    I only found one reference to Project Server and it was a Visio diagram that reflects a recommendation but nowhere details the steps on how to implement the solution.

    I’m confused as the MS documentation states that you should only have on Central Administration Site which I would guess have to be internal but the Visio diagram shows it on the DMZ.

    I would greatly appreciate letting me know if I missed a document where they talk about this so I can implement it in my Lab or if you can provide some direction to the following questions:

    - Central Administration 1 or 2?    If 1 where?  (from the MS Visio diagram it looks like the install of Central admin, SSP and PWA is on the server in the DMZ and you extend the PWA site to the internal server which has a separate SSP.

    - If the MS Visio is correct, I need to open port 80 for PWA, 1433 for SQL server, 9999 for the Central Admin Site and 8888 for the SSP Site so the server on the DMZ can communicate to the internal servers.

    Thank You for all your help.

  • Hello Brian,

    First off, Thank you for maintaining this Blog.

    I'm new to  Project Server 2007 and need help cause there is no documentation to be found. I just need to restore a customer Database to another environment of Project Server we have at the office so i can access some of the projects through Project Professional. I got to the point where i can view the data through the site but when i try to access through Project Professional i got an authentication error. When i try to add users through the manage users console i can add the users but when i go to check the list no users show up in my manage users list. i know they are there cause when i try to add the user again i get a resource in use error message. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!! :)

  • Hi James,

    Second poit first - I think the users are there OK, but over a certain limit the page looks blank and you need to use the search function.  So just put in part of the name and search should populate the list.  This was done for performance reasons - but we don't do a good job of telling you where all the users went.  On the Project Professional authentication issue it sounds like a permissions thing.  is this also happening for the admin?  Try going in and editing and saving a user to see if this then refreshes the permissions in the new environment.

    Best regards,


  • After installing PS2007 onto a VPC environment, everything looks good except the Queue isn't being serviced.  The ProjectServer Queue and Event services were disabled so I started them up with no result.  Any idea's?

    THX,  Mike

  • The ULS logs or application logs should show details if why these aren't starting, which should help to troubleshoot the failure.

  • Hi Brian,

    The services are starting now as I've set them to automatic start.  They just having no effect on the Project Server queue entries that I see in the PWA queue mangement screen.  They sit there waiting to be processed, even number 1 on the queue.

    After a re-boot I'm getting no application event log entries.

  • Hi Mike,

    See the queue postings or the article on TechNet for more details - but how many Queue processes do you see in Task Manager?  There should be at least two (and two event services).  If you ony see one then try restarting.  If you still only see one then the answer to it not starting the second instance (which does the work for the Shared Services Provider)should be in the ULS logs.


  • Brian,

    I am new to installing Project Server and we are encountering an odd error that I can't find any help on anywhere.

    We follow the instructions for installing everything as closely as we can.  Everything seems to work fine for the first day.  As a member of the administrator group I have access to all the options in the Server Settings.  The next day or sometimes the day after that I start getting 403 forbidden errors on some of the settings.  It's a standard IIS error page, not a Sharepoint or Project Web Access error page.

    The options I can't get to are:

    Database Administration->Schedule Backups

    Cube->Build Settings

    Time and Task Management->Timesheet periods

    Time and Task Management->Timesheet Settings and Defaults

    Time and Task Management->Task Settings and Display

    Time and Task Management->Close tasks to update

    Queue->Queue settings

    Operational Policies->Additional Server Settings

    Operational Policies->Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization

    Any ideas why this would happen?  I can access all of the other server settings without a problem.

  • Hi Janet,

    If you add other users to the administrators group do they see the same problem?  I haven't seen this specific issue - the closest I have seen is problems saving backup schedules, but it doesn;t give a 403.  What is your server topology and what different accounts have you used during installation for the various services etc?  Have you changed any accounts since the install?

    This might need a support incident created to get to the root cause of this one.

    Best regards,


  • Brian,

    Other users get this problem when added to the administrators group as well.  We have the system set up as a small farm - one application server that is dedicated to Project Server and one SQL Server that is shared with other applications.  We only used 3 individual accounts - a farm admin account and 2 separate pool admin accounts.  The pool admin accounts are used for the ssp pool and the application pool.  Most everything else runs as the farm admin.  We pretty much used the defaults since we are pretty new to this and figured most of the settings would at least get us going.  The only thing we changed was to use NTLM rather than Kerberos.

    I don't believe anything has been changed on the accounts since install but I don't have any way to check our Active Directory myself and see.  I've asked our systems people but they say they aren't changing anything.

    If you don't have any ideas, I will definitely be opening a support incident to figure this one out.

    Thanks for your help!


  • Hello Brian, I am trying to setup a pilot for Project Server 2007. For the pilot, Project Server 2007, SharePoint Services 3.0, and SQL Server 2005 are all setup on the same machine. My Problem, I need a way to add users who do not work directly for my company so I am trying to use forms authentication. I have carefully followed(TechNet)directions, which uses SQL Server to house the user database, but SQL server just won't cooperate. Is there a way to get forms authentication to work on a one machine environment. I am open to any solution that allows me to add users that are outside of my company.



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