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December, 2008

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    Microsoft Office Project Support PodCast Episode1

    Here is my first attempt at Podcasting - and hopefully you can get to the linked MP3 file.  Not too much groundbreaking stuff in this one - just a recap of SP, IU and CU stuff.  Mainly just testing out the format and infrastructure to see how this works for me and you. This is in mp3, I'll probably also test out wma too.  I will be trying some video soon too, probably a screen capture of looking at ULS logs with Excel.  Looking at streaming this with Silverlight, but if there is demand for a downloadable version too then more than happy to oblige.
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    A New Look for 2009


    I would have wished you all a very merry holiday season of your choice – if I had not been without Internet Access for fair portion of the last week.  Snow decided to come and stay a while in the Pacific Northwest.  Fortunately we only lost power over one night – but my neighbors over the valley where our broadband wireless originates were not so lucky – and were out for a few days.  We also lost satellite TV signal in the heaver snow (no great loss I have to admit) and also lost the ability to drive up the hill to our house, which was more of a challenge!  With my injuries from last summer still lingering it was frustrating having to watch my wife shovel snow and not let me help. 

    We had to skip Christmas lunch on the patio too.  This was Christmas Eve, and we had more snow for the following 3 days before the thaw started…


    With the New Year I decided to go for a new look, and will also start the audio/video blogging shortly.  Expect the first ones to just be testing the process and making sure everything works rather than adding greatly to the sum of human knowledge. 

    The picture I currently have as the header on the blog is a sunrise over Eastern ridge of the Snoqualmie Valley, taken back in November.  I’ll change it occasionally as the mood takes me.

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    Project Server 2007: Microsoft Office December 2008 Cumulative Update and KBs Released!


    ***Update*** If you are running MOSS with Project you should NOT load the December CU for MOSS as it has been withdrawn because of a search issue that is resolved in the February CU.  Thanks Shazeb for bringing this to my attention.  For full details of the reasons see and for details fot the Feb CU see 

    ***Update*** Panic over - I'd misinterpreted an issue we had with a more recent internal build.  Everything public is OK and always has been.  Just with the weather conditions around Redmond I was having difficuty getting comfirmation.  Betterr safe than sorry - hence the warning.

    ***Update***  We are just investigating a potential anomoly with the 960011 and 960010 patches.  For now I suggest just using the individual ones, 959644, 959637 and 960313.  I will update again once I know more. 

    Starting with the December 2008 Cumulative Update for Office Server 2007 (KB960011), the Project Server updates can be obtained packaged together with the Office Server ones – as well as being available individually.  Also included in the Office Server CU are InfoPath Forms Server, and of course the core Microsoft Office SharePoint Server fixes including Excel Services.  This encompasses both the global and local patches.  Windows SharePoint Server Cumulative Update for December 2008 (KB960010) is still kept separate, but does include both local and global patches.

    Both these Office and WSS CUs now include their respective Infrastructure Updates – so no need to install separately.  To be up to date all that is needed is the latest service pack and the latest CUs for WSS and Office Server.  The WSS CU can be requested here, and the Office Server one (including Project Server) here.  The client hotfix for Project Professional 2007 can be requested here

    These are the KB articles detailing the hotfixes:

    Windows SharePoint Server 3.0 - KB959644

    Office SharePoint Server 2007 – KB959637

    Project Server 2007 – KB960313

    Project Professional 2007 – KB959643

    and by following the Project Server link you can request the individual Project Server package – rather than getting is as part of the Office Server one (but why would you?).  For guidance on deployment of cumulative updates we have this article - 

    And finally - just in time for the holidays the Project Professional 2007 CU does contain the fix for the “check-in pending” issue!

     *** Update *** See also

    Project 2007 still displays a plan as checked out after the Program Manager checks in the plan. Additionally, the plan is listed as checked in on the server.

    I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one.  Thanks for your patience.

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    Good news for SQL Server 2008 users – SQL Server 2005 SP3 is out!


    That may seem like a strange title, but for Project Server 2007 users of the Analysis Services features this is good news indeed!  Along with the release of SP3 (see Christophe’s blog for more details) is the release of the latest Feature pack for SQL Server 2005.  This includes the update to Management Object Collection which enables connectivity from a Project Server 2007 application server to a SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services machine to build cubes.  We will get the TechNet article updated at but for now I have added some community content.  So if you load the Native Client, Decision Support Objects (from the Backward Compatibility Components) and Management Objects Collection from the December Feature pack release all will be good.  If your repository is in SQL Server 2008 also, then you may need the SQL Server 2008 Native client too, which can be found here.

    I’ll just repeat the error messages from my earlier post – just to give the search engines something to do.

    Failed to connect to the Analysis Services server brismithSQL08. Error: Cannot connect to Analysis Services version '10.0.1600.22' (or Analysis Services version '10.0.1763.0' if you have loaded the Cumulative Update 1 for SQL Server 2008)

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    Project Server 2007: Would you rather start your Data Analysis Week on a Monday?


    Thanks go to more of my colleagues over in EMEA for this posting - Dragos Diamandescu from our Project support team in Romania and Orsolya Gal assisting from SQL team in Germany. (***Update*** - I should also have thanked Marc Biarnes for validating the workaround and bringing it to my attention for a blog topic)

    The issue was with the first day of the week in Data Analysis reports.  The customer was seeing Sunday as the first day, but really wanted Monday (For some language versions the default in PWA is Monday – so this is a reasonable request).  As an example, the following project has 8h work on Sunday 14th and 8h on Monday 15th – and in this first view they are showing for the same week – Week 51.  What I really want is for the 8h on the 14th to show as the previous week (50).


    The dates for the time dimension are held in the reporting database in the MSP_TimeByDay table – and if I retrieve the details for Week 51 using the following query:

    Select * from MSP_TimeByDay where TimeYear=2008 and timeweekoftheyear=51

    then I see:


    showing that the 14th is the first day of the week.

    If I modify this table using the following TSQL query:

    select @@datefirst 
    UPDATE [MSP_TimeByDay] 
    SET [TimeDayOfTheWeek] = DATEPART(weekday,timebyday),[TimeWeekOfTheYear] = DATEPART(week,timebyday)

    Then my first query returns:


    I have the 15th as the first “TimeDayOfTheWeek”!  In the T-SQL the DATEFIRST is setting Monday (1) as the first day of the week, rather than Sunday (7) which is returned by the initial Select @@datefirst. After rebuilding my cube I then can see exactly the weekly breakdown I want – withy Sunday 14th showing in Week 50.


    As usual with database changes we would consider this “unsupported” but it is easy enough to reverse and get back to a “supported” state. I leave it up to you to consider the risks if you need this type of change.  To reverse simply make the datefirst the 7th day of the week.

    Select @@datefirst 
    UPDATE [MSP_TimeByDay] 
    SET [TimeDayOfTheWeek] = DATEPART(weekday,timebyday),[TimeWeekOfTheYear] = DATEPART(week,timebyday)
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