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March, 2009

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    Project Server 2007: Cumulative Update for February 2009


    The Cumulative Updates for February 2009 for both the Office server and client components are now available (well it is only Feb 41st :))  Thanks Rob for putting these details together.  I will have another posting shortly which explains the deployment process you should adopt with the new server rollup packages first introduced in December.  Here are the February Cumulative update details:-

    You can read about the fixes included in the February CU Server Rollup Packages from the following articles:

    Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 cumulative update package: February 24, 2009

    Description of the SharePoint Server 2007 cumulative update package (MOSS server-package): February 24, 2009

    Note:  The Project 2007 client patch is not included in the Server Rollup Packages so you will need to deploy the individual client patch.

    These KB Articles list the fixes included in the Individual Cumulative Update Package for Project Server and Project 2007:

    Description of the Project Server 2007 hotfix package : February 24, 2009

    Description of the Project 2007 hotfix package (Project.msp): February 24, 2009

    Note:  KB Articles may not be released at the time of the CU release but we should see then publically available within a week or two of the CU release.

    At the time of writing, 7am PST on 3/13/09 only the first KB listed above gives a good link and I would urge you to wait and see what is fixed before loading.  But if you are too impatient and want to test these out in a non-production system (which you always do – right?) then using links like the following will get you to the downloads.  This one is for KB961756 – so substitute any of the other KB numbers above to get to others.

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    New Colo(u)rs and a New Map!


    I had a change around over the weekend and moved away from my blatant copy of Keith Comb’s site and got my own identity.  Basically still mostly copied from Keith (thanks Keith) – but with some new colors.  I’ll get around to updating my picture too – perhaps some spring flowers?

    Also changed today is the map, as Worldmaps has moved I am moving with them and starting afresh.  For anyone interested in stats for the last 7 months - my most Westerly reader was in Kauai, Hawaii, most Northerly in Boden, Sweden, Easterly in Suva, Fiji and Southerly in Dunedin, New Zealand.  5% of my readers are within 100 miles, and 88% over 1000 miles away!

    The location that most confused me was the strong readership in the Isle of Man, which is an Island in the Irish Sea and part of the U.K. It is a big tourism and finance center (motorcycle fans have probably heard of it).  I assumed the Isle was totally populated with project managers – until I realized the .IM internet domain suffix owned by the Isle of Man probably has a life beyond the Irish Sea…

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    Project Server 2007: Cumulative Updates Update


    I’ve answered a few comments on recent blog postings on the recent CU release, but thought I’d post again to clear up any misunderstandings.

    • Since December all CUs are included the Infrastructure Update
      • WSS CU contains its update
      • Project Server CU contains its update
      • MOSS Server is the name of the server rollup – and contains the SharePoint and Project Server update, but NOT WSS.  I’ve suggested MOSS Server package may not be the best name – watch this space.
    • You only need to load SP1 and the latest CU (Both WSS and either Project Server or MOSS Server recommended)
    • There was a client/server dependency introduced earlier in the product lifecycle post SP1 so you should also load the client CU for Project.
      • Specific details of this dependency - There was a change to both the client and server scheduling engine that requires that you be at a certain hotfix level for both the client and the server.  These versions are 952000 for the Server and 952067 for the client.  If your hotfix number is greater than this then you should be fine.  Additionally, these fixes were included in both the Infrastructure Update and every subsequent CU that has been released so you will be fine if you have any one of these installed for both the client and the server.
    • At the time of writing Project is not listed in the overall Office KB article for the February Cumulative Update – this is an omission and is being corrected.

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    Project Server 2007: Deploying Cumulative Updates


    Thanks again to Rob for putting these words together on the different versions of packages in the cumulative updates – specifically describing the additional options available since the December 2008 Cumulative Updates which introduced the server rollup packages.  Over to Rob:

    The Server CU is released in two different versions.  The first version is in Individual Packages specific to a particular product like WSS, Project Server and MOSS.  If you do not have MOSS installed and have already installed the Infrastructure Update for Office Servers then you can download and install these individual packages.

    The second version is the Server Rollup Packages.  This is a set of two uber-packages which contains all the fixes for WSS, Project Server and MOSS.  These packages should be used when MOSS is part of the deployment or Infrastructure Update has not been deployed to the server environment.  The Server Rollup Packages are much larger (~200MB each) but they will greatly simplify MOSS patch deployment.

    The Server Rollup Packages include all of the fixes included in the Infrastructure Update so installing these packages will allow you to skip the added step of deploying the Infrastructure Update.  The Infrastructure Update only needs to be installed once so this will not be a consideration for deployments that already have the Infrastructure Update installed.

    More general information and links regarding Project Server Cumulative Updates and their deployment can be found at

    At the time of writing the February update is the latest and more details are in the post at

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    Project Server 2007: Another great reason to load the February Cumulative Update!


    I’ve posted this as an update on my December Cumulative Update article, but think it worth posting afresh too.  Thanks Shazeb for bringing to my attention.

    If you are running MOSS with Project you should NOT load the December CU for MOSS as it has been withdrawn because of a search issue that is resolved in the February CU. 

    For full details of the issue please see and for details of the Feb CU see

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