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Project Server 2007: Service Pack 2 (SP2) is now available!

Project Server 2007: Service Pack 2 (SP2) is now available!

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Rather than repeat everything – Christophe has a great posting with all the links!

I will just remind you of the Webcasts tomorrow (29th) and Thursday (30th) - I  encourage everyone to attend the Project 2007 Service Pack 2 Overview webcast scheduled for April 29 at 8 am Pacific Time, and April 30 at 5 pm Pacific Time (webcast details are posted on EPMConnect). Adrian Jenkins and Christophe Fiessinger will cover the following topics during the webcast: SP2 Overview, April Cumulative Update Overview, Deployment Best Practices, Next Steps, Questions and Answers.

Another part of the SP2 announcement to highlight is around requirements for the next release of SharePoint and Project Server: Windows Server 2008 and 64 bit. We will be publishing guidance on how to upgrade your existing Project Server 2007 farm to Windows Server 2008 64 bit in the coming weeks on TechNet. Expect full system requirements for Project Server 2010 at a latter date.

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  • Hi Brian,

    I have a question. Is it mandatory to install Project SP2 on clients if you install Project Server SP2 on the servers? If not, what update version is the minimum on clients that you need?

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Johan,

    It is not mandatory.  The only guidance regarding minimum versions is that a change in behavior was made to fixed duration tasks.  This change was just prio to the Infrastructure Update and included in the IU and every CU since. This was contained in both a client and server hotfix (952000 & 952067), so as long as both client and server are a higher release that this things will be good.

    Best regards,


  • With the recently released Project 2007 and Project Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) along with the Project

  • Hello Brian,

    I understand there is a change to the Project Server 2007 SP2 release number? Do you have the exact SP2 release numbers for Project 2007 Pro, WSS 3.0 and Project Server.

  • Hello Brian,

    This is not a SP2 specific question, but I am curious if client and server CU MUST BE vs SHOULD BE applied together. I understand it is -SHOULD BE (i.e. it's a best practice)


  • Hi Brian,

    Do you happen to know the build (version?) numbers for the April WSS and Project Server CU's?  We have applied both SP2 and April in our test environment and I'd like to verify success or failure.


  • Hi Dinesh,

    For client and server "should be" is the right answer.  If you use fixed duration tasks then you must have both client and server to at least IU level.

    The SP2 numbers have not changed, but you do see slightly different numbers in different places.  The Versions tables in the DB show 12.0.6422.1000 wheras add/remove programs shows 12.0.6425.1000.

    And Ed, for the April CU you will see 12.0.6503.5000 in the Versions table, although on the support site the overall release number shown for the Project Server CU is 6504.5000.  The differences occur as not all components (such as the piece that updates the DB) is updated in all builds.  Likewise you could see different DLLs showing slight differences from the overall build numbers.

    I hope this helps,


  • Hi Brian, i'm Italian and i've a general question about these microsoft updates.

    If i install now Project Professional 2007 and Project Server 2007, i need to upgrade in sequence with:

    - Service Pack 1;

    - Infrastructure Update;

    - Any other hotfix or kb update (i don't know how many);

    - Service Pack 2;

    or is enough to install the Service Pack 2??? that may be (but i really don't believe)contain all the previous upgrade???

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Daniele,

    It is sufficient to load just SP2, then you can add April CU to be completely up to date.  This applies to both client and server (and WSS and MOSS too).

    Best regards,


  • Hi Brian,

    we have identified an issue where Project Server 2007 PWA users cannot enter actuals via My Tasks any more after

    updating Project Server 2007 SP2 or April CU.

    Steps to repro:

    1) Update Project Server 2007 Sp2 and/or April CU (either with language packs or without language packs us-en)

    2) Open My Tasks (with Timephased view setting turrned on) from a user who has work planned for a project task in a Proposal or an Activity

    3) Try to enter actual work for this task

    4) The task and the days are visible, but the grid is grayed out

    5) User cannot enter actuals for the particular task, only % complete can be used.

    We have tested the issue on more than three virtual environments and are able to replicate this in each environment.

    We have quite a few customers who use PWA to report actual hours.

    How could this issue be resolved?

  • Hi Ville,

    The option for timephased tracking has never been available for Activity Plans and Proposals (server side projects) as far as I can remember.  It is only an option for full projects.  I don't think this behavior is changed by SP2 and the April CU.

    Best regards,


  • Further update on this one Ville - it appears we "broke" the behavior I mention when we updated the My Tasks to better handle timephased data.  The break was that projects with tracking methods other than "by period" could over-ride the PMs wishes and enter time per day.  This included server side projects which are constrained to % complete and remaining hours.  So we just "fixed" this to not allow timephased entry where the tracking method should not permit it - and this is why you saw the behavior change.  I'd sure like to hear any other feedback on this change.

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    What is then the "official correct way" to get team member's themselves to imput their own hours to the project? We've used My Task for a long time in many projects and it has been very useful. Now this is disabled after SP2 was installed.


  • Hi Jussi,

    It wasn't actually disabled in SP2 - but a bug fixed that had allowed time-phased time entry even when the Project Manager had stipulated a time tracking method of remaining work and percent complete.  As server side projects such as activity plans and proposals also have this tracking method "hard-coded" this change affected them too.  If you projects are not server-side then setting a tracking method of time entered per period should allow the behavior you want.  If they are server side projects let me know too - I am interested to understand what issues this change may have caused our customers.

    Best regards,


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