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Project Server 2007: Service Pack 2 (SP2) is now available!

Project Server 2007: Service Pack 2 (SP2) is now available!

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Rather than repeat everything – Christophe has a great posting with all the links!

I will just remind you of the Webcasts tomorrow (29th) and Thursday (30th) - I  encourage everyone to attend the Project 2007 Service Pack 2 Overview webcast scheduled for April 29 at 8 am Pacific Time, and April 30 at 5 pm Pacific Time (webcast details are posted on EPMConnect). Adrian Jenkins and Christophe Fiessinger will cover the following topics during the webcast: SP2 Overview, April Cumulative Update Overview, Deployment Best Practices, Next Steps, Questions and Answers.

Another part of the SP2 announcement to highlight is around requirements for the next release of SharePoint and Project Server: Windows Server 2008 and 64 bit. We will be publishing guidance on how to upgrade your existing Project Server 2007 farm to Windows Server 2008 64 bit in the coming weeks on TechNet. Expect full system requirements for Project Server 2010 at a latter date.

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  • Hi Brian,

    Have a couple of questions regarding upgrading to Project server SP2.

    If i'm upgrading from Infrastructure update level to SP2, can I install SP2 straight on top. I have read in the article "Deploy Service Pack 2 for Office Project Server 2007" under the important section on the microsoft site( that I'm required to first install 952000 & 952067 before(we do used fixed duration task) installing SP2. Is this correct?

    If it is correct, if I install the updates in a test environment, and have some users perform some testing(who will have 952067 and SP2 installed) will there be any issue in the interim if they connect to our live environment which will only has the infrastructure update?

    Thanks Michael

  • Thanks for your reply. We need a server-side solution. We still need to have a similar form for project members to daily enter their hours into the project. With My Task this was working all right until we installed SP2. Now all you can do is to increase or decrease the total actual work (summary) for the tasks and this is not adequate: we need a daily input and see afterwards what particular dates these hours correspond. Any suggestions?

    Question2: Does this SP2 help to get time-phased information from projects too: OLAP Cubes, Data Analysis & Reporting? Previously there was no logic why sometimes got time-phased data out of the projects and sometimes not so the system could not be fully used for what was planned.


  • Hi Michael,

    I'm just getting clarification on this - but my understanding is you should have a t leadt these hotfixes if you have yet to install SP2 - but they are not pre-requisites.  Once I have clarification I'll see if we can get the paragraph re-written.  No issues of mixing the hotfixes and SP2 - main issue is having at least the hotfix on client and server.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Jussi,

    No other suggestions currently for timephased, server side plans. I will be using your feedback and that from others to see how widespread a problem we have caused by "fixing" this problem.  I am not aware of SP2 changing other aspects of timephased data from the reporting db, but the behavior should be that all projects that have tracking method set to percent complete will not have timephased data - unless timesheets are bing used for all time entry, in which case the timesheet cubes will hold the time phasing, but the import of time to tasks will not maintain it.  My suggestion would be to set tracking method to "per period" for all projects - but this will still not help with server side projects.

    Best regards,


  • Michael - just confirmed these hotfixes are NOT pre-reqs for SP2, but advisable if you are not yet ready to apply SP2.  I've added some community content to the TechNet page and requested a change in wording.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the reply and clarification.

    Just to confirm,

    1. SP2 doesn't include the Hotfix 952000 &  Hotfix 952067?

    2.If I apply the SP2 updates and Hotfix 952000 and 952067 on a test server and some users PC, will anything be affected if the users with the SP2 and hotfix access our Live environment.



  • Hi Michael,

    SP2 DOES contain the hotfixes.  A better description of the relationship would be that as SP2 for the server contains the server hotfix KB 952000, you should ensure the clients have at least KB 952067 if you are not intending to patch clients to SP2 immediately.  Likewise if you are patching the clients first to SP2 then the server should have at least KB 952000.

    This is really advice for customers not updating both clients and server together - and upgrading from SP1.

    In answer to question 2 - if your live environment does not have at least KB 952000 on the server then patched clients would be best not to connect if you use fixed duration tasks.

    I should also add that ALL CU's and SPs are cumulative - and these KB's have been included since the Infrastrucure Update.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,


  • I have discovered another issue related to the version information you get from Project Server 2007 once you have installed SP2.

    I have an application that uses the PSI calls to interact with PS2007. I need to use some of the calls in the Admin.asmx service that did not exist until SP2 came out. Since my application would fail if it was run against a PS2007 installation that is pre-SP2, I use the Admin services ReadServerVersion() method to get the version of PS2007.

    When I was running on SP1, I would get a version of "12.0.15" back from the ReadServerVersion(), or:

         WADMIN_VERSION_MAJOR    =  12

         WADMIN_VERSION_MINOR    =  0


    But after I installed PS2007 SP2, I now get a version of "12.0.0", or:

         WADMIN_VERSION_MAJOR    =  12

         WADMIN_VERSION_MINOR    =  0


    Anyone know anything about this?



  • Hi Brad, I am asking around on this one. I hadn't heard of this problem - I'll keep you posted.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Brad - I did a quick test, and projtool is returning 12.0.6422.1000 and displaying in the status bar at the bottom.  What does this show for you? (ProjTool is in the SDK - I guess you know that - posting for other readers benefit).

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    We are upgrading to SP2 for both server and client and are currently only on SP1.

    We updated our test enviroment to SP2 and April CU.

    I then installed Office SP2 and Project 2007 SP2.

    When I connect to Testing the actual work gests spread out and changes but if a SP1 client connects the actual work is fine.

    1.What might have gone wrong?

    2.Is there anything (versions) I can check and where.

    3.If SP2 is on client and server fix duration should not be an issue.

    I more info is required please ask.

    Thank yo,


  • Hi guys, this is a late post, but regarding Ville issue : we have identified an issue where Project Server 2007 PWA users cannot enter actuals via My Tasks any more after

    updating Project Server 2007 SP2 or April CU.

    we've just experienced the same issue and managed to get help from MS Premier, it appears that after applying the SP2 update, there's a radio button that is "unchecked" in every project plan, preventing the PWA user's to enter their actuals.

    The fix is very simple, but lengthy, for every active project, open the plan in MS Project, go to Tools --> Options --> Collaborate and check the radio button that fits your need best (in our case it was "Hours of work done per period").

    I know this issue was raised a long time ago, but I hope it'll help people anyway.



  • I am wondering if you have a solution to Error 7882 Unable to start service process. I have looked online and created a registry dependency for MS-SQL I have tried various accounts and gave them logon priviliges and installed SP2 and followed TechNet installation instructions but both "ProjectQueueService" and "Service: pjevtsvc" error out every single minute even if I restart from Services. Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hi Joseph,

    I'm not familar with this issue.  Have you changed the account used for the service?  This should nver be edited through the services applet as it is controlled by the farm and the service should start as the farm administrator.  It will then spawn other instances for each SSP which hosts PWA sites - and these instances will run as the SSP administrator.

    Best regards,


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