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June, 2009

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    Project 2007: Mixed up views after updating the Enterprise Global after SP2


    ***Update***  The fix for this was released in the August CU for Project 2007 - KB973930

    I know quite a few customers have run into this issue, and we have a fix in the pipeline which should see the light of day in the August CU, but to help just in case others come across this we thought it worth getting this information out there (Thanks Rob).  First some details, and then the suggested workaround.

    The problem and fix is for Project Professional 2007, but only in an Enterprise environment with connectivity to Project Server 2007 – and the views I am referencing are the views within the client application.  When you open the Enterprise Global from Tools, Enterprise Options, Open Enterprise Global and then go to edit a view (View, More Views) you will find that the view it brings up for editing is not the one you thought you should see, but a random view from the list.

    For now our suggested workaround is that those few administrative users who need the ability to open the enterprise global should hold off installing SP2, but instead install SP2 with the August CU when it becomes available.  If anything changes in our plans to get this fix out then I will update this blog.

    If you have already upgraded to SP2 then just for those few admins who need to open the EGT you could return to pre-SP2.  First make sure that for the user who needs to be “downgraded” that their projects are checked in, then uninstall Project Professional, then remove your cache files from <drive>:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\MS Project\Cache (or for Vista and Windows 7 users <drive>:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MS Project\Cache)  and then re-install to the level you were at prior to SP2 (probably either SP1, or preferably Feb CU).

    The reason for checking in your projects first is that deleting from the Cache will lose any local changes that have not been saved.  If you prefer not to go dabbling and deleting in the OS then another option would be to create a new connection account that would then give you a brand new cache.  The account I am referring to is the account you set up in Office Project Professional 2007 on the Microsoft Office Project Server Accounts page. You can access this page by clicking the Tools menu and then clicking Enterprise Options.

    More details on the local cache can be found here - Understanding the Local Project Cache feature.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this issue has caused you, but hopefully most users of Project Professional will not be affected as they will not normally have access to even open the Enterprise Global.

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    Project Server 2007: Office Server Service Pack 2 (SP2) Update – KB 971620


    Following this post: Project Server 2007: License type set to trial after loading Office Server Service Pack 2 (SP2), please find an important update from the SharePoint team:

    The public update to fix this issue is available for customers to download.  If you have any questions please send them here.

    Post URL is here:

    Service Pack 2 Update.

    The public update for the Service Pack 2 expiration date issue is now available for download. 

    The update can be applied before or after Service Pack 2 installation.  If the update is applied prior to installing Service Pack 2 it will prevent the expiration date from being improperly activated during installation of Service Pack 2, if it is applied after Service Pack 2 it will remove the expiration date incorrectly set during installation of Service Pack 2.

    The update is applicable to all of the products that this issue affected (see the list in the KB linked below).

    Installation instructions and download links for x86 and x64 are available in this KB:

    The direct download link for x86 is:

    And for x64:

    We will be updating the existing Service Pack 2 download package with a new package that includes this fix within the next 4-6 weeks.

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    Microsoft Office Project: New Partner Solutions Directory


    For those who haven’t found Doug McCutcheon’s blog yet here is some breaking news on new ways for our partners in the EPM community to post and market their solutions. Also of great interest to our customers I am sure – on where they can go looking for solutions!  News from Doug is:

    Office System Solutions Directory Migration to Partner Solution Profiler

    • Increase Your Visibility to Customers with Partner Solution Profiler
    • Drive awareness of your business solutions.

    Customers find partner solutions on the following Microsoft sites:

    This also applies to all partners who currently use EPMCONNECT.

    The Office System Solutions Directory (OSSD) will be retired on July 1, 2009. The last day for updating profiles in OSSD is June 26, 2009. After OSSD is retired, to simplify and streamline the solution profiling experience, the Microsoft Partner Program will require that all solution profiles be created and managed in Partner Solution Profiler.

    If you have questions about the retirement of OSSD, download the OSSD Transition FAQ.

    Increase your visibility by including your solutions on customer-facing sites and directories worldwide. How? By creating or updating your profile in the Partner Solution Profiler.

    As an Information Worker Solutions or Unified Communications Solutions partner, you gain access to a variety of directories, when you create a solution profile in Partner Solution Profiler by following these steps:

    1. For general profile information, download the Partner Solution Profiler Completion Guide about creating a successful, effective solution profile.
    2. On Tab 2, Solution Overview, in the Products section, select the Office products that your solution uses. Click the Solution Built on Office/MOSS system check box and complete the Office system specific fields.
    3. On Tab 6, Preview and Publish, click Publish.

    If You Have an Existing Profile in Partner Solution Profiler

    If you do not see your profile in the Partner Solution Profiler, go to the Partner Membership Center to review your consent and organizational profile. You must provide your consent for your profile to appear in Microsoft partner directories.

    If you have other directory-related questions or issues, contact your Regional Service Center.

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    Project Server 2007: Why do my removed tasks keep coming back to my Timesheet?


    We have had a few reports back since we released SP2 of another behavior change that is catching people out. We have a KB article coming along to describe this behavior change – and I’ll update with the KB when it arrives.

    First this is what we did.  In Timesheets we had heard frustration from customer that even though they had set timesheets to auto-populate with tasks from My Tasks, that this only happened when you created the timesheet.  If you added new tasks or were assigned to new tasks once the timesheet was created then you needed to manually add this.  So we listened, and in SP2 changed the behavior so that these new tasks would automatically be there when you opened the timesheet again.  Of course this is only if you have the setting to automatically add new tasks, such as Current Task assignments or current projects selected.


    And the problem some customers are reporting?  If you have the setting that introduces this new behavior then even if you remove a task line from your timesheet (Actions, Delete Line) – it comes back next time you open it.

    If you are finding the need to delete lines then perhaps the better option for you is No prepopulation, and then just add the ones you need (and keep an eye out for e-mail notifications of new assignments once the timesheet is created).  If neither of these options seems to fit you well then I am sure you will let us know what we are missing.

    *** Update - Trackbacks are being slow for now, but do take time to see Brian Kennemer's thoughts on this change at

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    Project Server 2010 and Project 2010: Final Call to Join the Technical Preview


    For the one or two of you who may not have seen Doug or Christophe’s postings I’m just making sure you don’t miss this opportunity.  Final call for access to the Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010 Technical Preview for our Project partners.  This is a great chance to see what’s coming down the line with the next release of Project.

    We have issued an invitation asking to show and expression of interest in gaining access to the Technical Preview of Project/Project Server 2010. The invitation was issued to all known EPM Specialized partners; Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) that build on Project/Project Server; Project Most Valued Professionals (MVP’s) and  Project/Project Server courseware builders (books, Computer Based Training (CBT) DVD’s, instructor lead, on-demand).

    There is only one invitation per company and it was sent to the company’s primary contact as registered in the Microsoft Partner Portal or through the Microsoft field providing contact details. Be aware as part of the process the person accepting the invitation must also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement which applies to the individual and their company.

    This is a final call to express and interest in receiving an invitation. If you fell that you company has not received this invitation (and should have based on the criteria given) please email with your contact name, company name and email address.

    For all other partners who are reading this and wish to participate in the Project/Project Server 2010 please email with your name, company, email address, city, country and three sentence explanation why you should participate in the Technical Preview. Your name will be added to a wait list, there is not a guarantee that you will receive an invitation.

    It is also worth noting that  as an added value to the Microsoft Project Conference registration at no additional cost to the conference ticket, you and your technical colleagues have been invited to attend the Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite Airlift which will be held on September 13-14, 2009 at the Phoenix Sheraton in Phoenix, Arizona, USA . This is a training workshop for EPM specialized partners and ISV’s who are looking for in-depth technical training on setting up the next EPM version: Project 2010.


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