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August, 2009

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    Microsoft Project 2010: Pre Conference Training Opportunity


    One of my very pleasant duties when down in Phoenix will be to join my colleagues Christophe Fiessinger, Chris Boyd, Michael Jordan, Jan Kalis, and Jean-Francois Lesaux in delivering the Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite training.  This will be the first delivery of this course aimed at preparing EPM professionals for deployment, operations and customization of Project Server 2010.

    There is still a chance to register for this training – and it is a free benefit if you are already attending the Microsoft Project Conference

    Full details of the dates and registration can be found on Christophe’s recent posting.

    I hope to see you in Phoenix!

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    Demo Cowboys: Two (or more) nations divided by a common language


    Doug and Christophe collaborated on this great video BE A DEMO MASTER – HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE RECOMMENDATIONS NOW AND BEYOND which will really help those of you who either demonstrate Project Server to potential customers – or just need a convenient platform to configure or develop against Project Server.  The cowboy in the picture may well be known to you – and if you come to the Project Conference in Phoenix he may well be dressed in the same gear.

    So why the title to this blog?  I am from England, and now live in Seattle, and many words haven’t made the same journey intact.  Obvious spellings like color/colour aren’t too difficult – but some words are just different (elevator/lift) – and yet others have different meanings for the same word.  One that can catch the Brits at Microsoft out is “to table and idea”.  In England this gets something on to the agenda – in the US it takes it off!  So what about cowboys?  I don’t have to explain that cowboys are very well regarded in the US (even French ones!) – but in the UK??  I turn to the Oxford English Dictionary and definition 3.e, which I am afraid is probably still the first thing that springs to mind when I hear the term.

    A person without qualifications who competes against established traders or operators, providing shoddy goods or services usu. at low (or inflated) prices; one who is recklessly unscrupulous in business. Freq. attrib. slang.

    I think this explains why Doug didn’t wear the Cowboy outfit… but it could be the right definition if your demo equipment isn’t up to spec!

    Doug prefers this definition:

    Strong, lightweight and wiry men who were persevering and loyal defined a new American spirit of freedom and independence. Mothers shared great pride in seeing their sons grow up to be cowboys.

    Which cowboy/cowgirl are you?  See you in Phoenix!

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    By the time I get to Phoenix…


    I, like Christophe, have my travel sorted for the Project Conference.  I will be arriving around 6pm on Saturday 12th and staying at the Sheraton.  Look forward to seeing many of my readers there!

    And for those with good memories of old British comedy – who played the “left behind woman” in a comedy sketch with Jimmy Webb’s famous song from my blog title?  It may have been Sandie Shaw singing – and Bing tells me this might even have aired again early this year (in the UK)…  Not offering any prizes – but I could announce the winner in a future blog!

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    Project Server 2007: Upcoming webcast on “Report Pack II” SSRS reports


    Jan has posted details of this webcast on 8/19/2009 at 8am PST that will let you take your SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reporting to the next level.  For full details and the sign-up page see Jan’s blog  – for an overview, read on:

    The “Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) 2007 Report Pack II -  The top reports” provides rich reports for common information needs. The EPM 2007 Report Pack II is a collection of 12 Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports designed for various user groups of the EPM solution. In this webcast, we provide an overview and demonstration of the EPM 2007 Report Pack. We discuss the different usage scenarios the reports are tailored to fit and review the components used to move, store, and render the reports. With this information, you should have a better understanding of how to use the EPM 2007 Report Pack II to provide business value for your organization.

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