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October, 2009

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    SharePoint 2010 – Read all about it!


    If like me you didn’t get along to the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, then you can find out plenty about the new version on the SharePoint blog at  Also announced today at the conference was the availability of the Beta of Office and SharePoint 2010 (and of course Project 2010 and Project Server 2010) next month.  See for more details.

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    Bing Search now working on my Microsoft Project Support blog site!


    The TechNet and MSDN blogs had an overhaul recently and the search box that has long frustrated me when looking on even my blog has finally been fixed.  It now uses the Bing engine and really does find stuff on my blog. (which Bing and other major search engines had been finding anyway.

    One thing that others have had feedback on since this change was that for some searches you will see some Sponsored Sites returned along with your results.  I will be keeping an eye on these, and we are also reviewing the general idea of having ads on these blog searches.  If you have any concerns then please let me know.  Potentially these links can add value – and perhaps many of my readers work for partners that would love to be presented as a link to customers that are looking for help on Project Server.  We just need to be sure these are relevant and not intrusive.

    Some more platform upgrades coming to my blog and there will be some downtime on the MSDN and TechNet blog platform this weekend (from around 3pm 10/9 PST) – so if you are thinking of having Project Server problems over the weekend you’d better get your offline RSS feed from my blog ready!

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    Project Server 2007: Another OLAP Cube Building Gotcha – Is your alias 32 or 64 bit?


    I posted a while back about an issue where the Application Server had an alias for the SQL Server, but when the Analysis Services cube build was requested the alias was passed to the Analysis Services server and it didn’t know the SQL Server by this alias (even if it was in fact the same server as SQL and the reporting database was running on!

    My colleague in Europe – Nuno – had a similar issue, but with a slight twist that makes a new post worthwhile.  ProjectServerOlapCubeGenerator.exe is the executable that builds the cube (it does exactly what it says on the box).  It is a 32 bit application and there is not a 64 bit version – so if you are running x64 then this executable will still be running x32.  SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Configuration Manager allow you to create aliases for servers – and if you look at the screenshot below you will see that you can create both 32bit and 64bit versions of the alias.  If you don’t have the 32bit version set then the 32 bit ProjectServerOlapCubGenerator.exe will not be able to find your SQL Server!


    Expect an error something like the following to be in the ULS logs.

    CBSGeneralFailure was associated with exception: Microsoft.Office.Project.PI.CBSCommon.CBSProcessException     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.CBSLayer.ProcessCBSRequestMessage.SpawnOlapDatabaseGenerator(OlapStage olapStage, CubeAdmin cubeAdmin, CBSResource cbsResource, CubeGenerationSettings cubeGenerationSettings, OlapDatabaseDescription olapDatabaseDescription, String publishedDBConnectionString, Guid requestUid)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.CBSLayer.ProcessCBSRequestMessage.GenerateOlapDatabase

    Thanks Nuno for alerting me to this issue and suggesting the blog posting.

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    Project Server 2007: Running SSRS add-in for SharePoint without breaking your cube build


    This is an issue that has been around for a while – the different versions of the SQL components between the SSRS add-in for SharePoint and the Analysis Services requirements for cube building caused a catch-22.  Thanks to Bart for finding a resolution to this - install the Management Objects Collection component of the SQL 2005 SP3 CU5 patch (KB 972511).

    Some more words to describe the problem and help Bing find this resolution for you:

    Issue Description:

    - When you install Reporting Services 2008 in SharePoint integration mode and you install the rsSharePoint.exe component on the application server, then the OLAP generation fails because of the Management Objects Collection 2005 that is of the wrong version.

    Problem is:

    - You cannot install the Management Objects Collection 2005 from the December 2008 feature pack (error: a higher version is already installed)

    - You cannot un-install the "higher version" because it is integral part of the rsSharePoint.exe package

    The issue is described in KB 972694

    Hope this helps resolve this long running issue.

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