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November, 2010

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    Project Server 2010: October Cumulative Update now re-released!


    I’ve updated the earlier postings, but wanted to do a quick post to make sure this news gets out to my RSS subscribers.  Both the Project Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 October Cumulative Updates that were withdrawn have been revised and re-released.  The KB numbers stayed the same, 2394320 and 2394322, but the document version is now 2.0 and the patch version is 14.0.5128.5003.  See the revised article at

  • Brian Smith's Microsoft Project Support Blog

    Project 2010: To save or not to save – saving and undo


    In Microsoft Project, both 2007 and 2010, we have multi level undo.  One way this is used by many customers is for what-if work – change things around and see what affect this has on the schedule – then use multi-level undo to get back to the starting scenario.  If you use it in this way then there is another feature of Project you should know about – and avoid:  Auto-Save.  The behavior of undo, auto-save and save is different in Project than other Microsoft applications.  Project clears the undo buffer on save and this is one reason that auto-save is not turned on by default..  If you turn it on then you need to be aware that if the auto-save kicks in then you could lose the opportunity to undo changes.  Some customers like this feature in other Office applications, and use a Group Policy to ensure this is set for all users – and all applications.  This can catch users out who might want to use the multi-level undo as a what-if tool – and if so then you would not want to force this option down to your Project users.  And before you ask – this isn’t a bug – it is just the way Project works.

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