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June, 2013

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    Project Server 2010: June CU–Possible timesheet issue


    *** Update 7/12 - the June CU for Project Server 2010 has been re-released - please note the new KB numbers,  If anyone installed the earlier release they are strongly advised to install this new release. ***

    *** Update 7/1 - Hopefully we will be re-releasing the June CU for Project Server 2010 sometime next week assuming all goes to plan ***

    I maybe sounding the alarm bells too soon, and of course you all test Cumulative Updates before deploying to production, right?  But we have seen a few cases so far where after applying the June 2013 CU for Project Server 2010 is leading to timesheet submit problems.  The timesheet submit will go into a failed and blocking state and clicking the error will give something like:

    GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - TimesheetSubmit.SubmitTimesheetMessage. Details: id='26000' name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='52eb835f-ed3f-44a5-92d0-3bb6c2e11c5b' JobUID='163bf55d-cc5b-40c8-ae72-e4d6a310775f' ComputerName=’<Servername>’GroupType='TimesheetSubmit' MessageType='SubmitTimesheetMessage' MessageId='1' Stage=''. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine <servername> for entries with JobUID 163bf55d-cc5b-40c8-ae72-e4d6a310775f.

    I’ll add some ULS log entries that might help tracking later.

    More information once we have it… and sorry for any inconvenience this is causing.


    *** More news - this appears to relate to customers in Single Entry Mode where timesheets contain lines that have no data entered. We are working on a fix, but no timelines as I write.  A couple of workarounds we have tried internally -

    • if you add some time to each row (0.01 will do) then the submission will work. Admin tasks with no time are OK.
    • Just send status so that at least you can get the progress on the project
    • Turn off Single Entry Mode - probably not a great workaround as you would need to import timesheet to My Tasks

    More info as we have it ***

  • Brian Smith's Microsoft Project Support Blog

    Project Server: June CU Announcement


    *** Update 7/12 - see new posting as the June 2013 Cumulative Update for Project Server 2010 has been released in an updated form with new KB numbers ***

    Just posted the June 2013 Cumulative Update (CU) announcement over on the Project Support blog -  Updates for Project and Project Server 2010 and 2013, as well as one fix for Project Server 2007.  The rollup package for 2013 is delayed a week or two, but the individual package for Project Server 2013 is available if you need to test some fixes.  One question I had this week on the individual package is ‘is it cumulative?’ – and the answer is yes.  It is individual only in that it contains just the Project Server fixes and not the SharePoint ones.  Great question Laksh!  Also added the version info for the 2010 and 2013 client and server, including the database version that will get applied – and in 2013 this can be seen in the dbo.Versions table (the other schema Versions tables are empty).

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