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Project Server 2010: June CU–Possible timesheet issue

Project Server 2010: June CU–Possible timesheet issue

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*** Update 7/12 - the June CU for Project Server 2010 has been re-released - please note the new KB numbers,  If anyone installed the earlier release they are strongly advised to install this new release. ***

*** Update 7/1 - Hopefully we will be re-releasing the June CU for Project Server 2010 sometime next week assuming all goes to plan ***

I maybe sounding the alarm bells too soon, and of course you all test Cumulative Updates before deploying to production, right?  But we have seen a few cases so far where after applying the June 2013 CU for Project Server 2010 is leading to timesheet submit problems.  The timesheet submit will go into a failed and blocking state and clicking the error will give something like:

GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - TimesheetSubmit.SubmitTimesheetMessage. Details: id='26000' name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='52eb835f-ed3f-44a5-92d0-3bb6c2e11c5b' JobUID='163bf55d-cc5b-40c8-ae72-e4d6a310775f' ComputerName=’<Servername>’GroupType='TimesheetSubmit' MessageType='SubmitTimesheetMessage' MessageId='1' Stage=''. For more details, check the ULS logs on machine <servername> for entries with JobUID 163bf55d-cc5b-40c8-ae72-e4d6a310775f.

I’ll add some ULS log entries that might help tracking later.

More information once we have it… and sorry for any inconvenience this is causing.


*** More news - this appears to relate to customers in Single Entry Mode where timesheets contain lines that have no data entered. We are working on a fix, but no timelines as I write.  A couple of workarounds we have tried internally -

  • if you add some time to each row (0.01 will do) then the submission will work. Admin tasks with no time are OK.
  • Just send status so that at least you can get the progress on the project
  • Turn off Single Entry Mode - probably not a great workaround as you would need to import timesheet to My Tasks

More info as we have it ***

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  • Is this an issue also with Project Server 2013?

  • No TB, this just affected the 2010 release.  The 2013 is fine, and has now been released.

    Best regards,


  • The issue is still there in our environment, after installing the corrected CU of june 2013 (KB.

  • Hi JB, could you elaborate?  We often fix things that have fairly generic error messages - but the fix will be very specific.  Sounds like you are hitting a different issue that we have not yet addressed - best to open a support incident so we can dig deeper.

    Are you referring to the issue with the original CU release and timesheet submission?  Did you re-run the configuration wizard?

    Best regards,


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