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Project Server 2010 SP2: Royal baby helps find KB typo

Project Server 2010 SP2: Royal baby helps find KB typo

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I’ve updated the original blog post with this information – but in case you just get the RSS feed which had an error I wanted to make sure this got out there…

While I was putting together an internal e-mail on the ‘birth’ of SP2, weighing in at 450MB, playing on the recent big news from my homeland, I noticed that the SharePoint 2010 SP2 was actually smaller than the Project Server one (437 MB) – even though the Project one, was described in KB2687452 as being included in the SharePoint one – KB2687453 – whereas in fact the Project one is a roll-up (as the title of the download infers) and contains the SharePoint SP2.  Might have missed this for a couple of days without the Royal birth…Sorry for the confusion – we are getting the KB corrected. 

And if you think the whole baby reference is just a ploy to get search hits then if that were the case I’d have made some lame excuse to mention the Kardashians as well (whoever they are).

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  • Are you fooling people? Where are the links to the downloads of the CURRERNT ACTUAL service packs?

    I dont wanna waste my life time for searching through millins of web pages

  • Sorry Angry Guy - to save you reading the right Nav and finding the original posting - just go here and all the links are there.  As you didn't say which SP you wanted I couldn't save you another click.

    Best regards,


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