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Project Conference 2014–great to see, and make, so many friends

Project Conference 2014–great to see, and make, so many friends

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Heading home after a great time in Anaheim.  A total of 8 sessions delivered over the conference and pre and post days – and plenty of other stuff going on – it has been a crazy few weeks.  It really means a lot to me to hear from so many of you personally at the conference on the help the blog has been to you – and also gives me the encouragement to go on doing what I’m doing!  Don’t forget your evaluations if you were at the conference – it helps us to know what worked, what didn’t – not just asking for me – but for all the sessions.  I will be going through the videos shortly as there were plenty of sessions I wanted to get to but didn’t have the chance.

Good to catch up with so many partners and MVP’s (sitting drinking coffee at Long Beach airport with Michael Wharton as I write this…) as well as many customers I can now put a face to rather than just a voice (or e-mail). The karaoke was fun too at the House of Blues – Eli as Britney Spears was something special – as was the Stray Cat. I always think after karaoke that I really should try it.  Next time…

The project community is something special – I’m glad I get to be part of it – and it has given me so many friendships over the years.

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  • It certainly was a great conference! Feels like a BIG party. Just landed in UK. Feels like I have been away for a month!


    PJ Mistry

  • We'll remind you of this post at the next Project Conference karaoke.....

  • Thanks Julie - I'm sure that won't be necessary... There are witnesses to my saying I would do a duet next time.  That either means eliminating the witnesses or starting to rehearse. The former would not be good for my career.  Watch this space :).

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