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    Understanding How You Use This Blog


    NOTE: Survey now closed, but feel free to contact me via comments

    To enable us to better understand how you use this and many other support related blogs across MSDN and TechNet Ed Jolly has put together a survey.  I would certainly appreciate your time in completing this - so over to Ed!

    Greetings Blog Readers,

    My name is Ed Jolly, and I am a director in the Commercial Technical Support (CTS) organization at Microsoft. I am here to request a few minutes of your time.

    We would like to learn more about blog readership through a brief survey. This is an opportunity for us to better understand what is valuable to you and what you would like to see in the future.

    Below is a link that will take you to another website to complete the survey. Based on what we learn, we may request more feedback in future surveys like this.  When you open the survey, you will see a list of blogs that CTS engineers contribute to across many different products. We have not posted a listing of these blogs in the past, and I hope it helps you find other blogs that are helpful to you.

    The blog survey is completely anonymous.

    · Location: Survey now closed!

    · Availability:  Until August 22. You may receive a request to complete this survey through multiple RSS feeds. You need only to complete it one time.

    · Length: The survey can be a maximum of 11 questions.

    · Time: Less than 5 minutes (but providing more information in the open text fields may take a minute or two extra, improving our ability to understand your needs in these blogs).

    Thank you in advance for your time, participation and assistance.

    Ed Jolly (

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    New Blog Dedicated to EPM Content - for all your Project Server needs


    For news on all the new content as it becomes available you really should subscribe to the new blog at  Our content team have created this to have links to new content each month including the articles for the recent Infrastructure Update.

    And if you aren't finding the content you need, or you feel the content isn't clear - or if you think it is perfect - then let them know!  They are committed to to finding out what is working and what isn't - and putting things right. 

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    My Longest Commute


    I left work on 6/19 and finally arrived home on 7/18 - my longest commute ever!  It was a long month - with one week spent in Harborview, the Northwest's Trauma center, and three weeks in a nursing home - Cascade Vista (getting a glimpse of the future perhaps?).  Thanks to all the great staff at both locations, particularly the orthopaedic surgeons who put the pieces of my leg together like having a jigsaw without the picture!  As with most old puzzles there was a piece missing - so a bone graft still to come.  Special thanks to my wife Diane and all my family and friends who kept my spirits up with their frequent visits and messages (and chocolate - thanks Christophe!) and who gave Diane such tremendous support (Judi and Stuart, Chris and Elaine, Carol and Don, Philipa, Joyce and Brian).  Thanks to Elaine (and Chris and Pippin) too, for helping me understand what was going on medically.  My colleagues (whom I don't really distinguish from friends) were fantastic support too - thanks Larry, Randy and Collete, Aik, Noel, Toni, Rob, Mark, Kate and Mike, Jon, Jules and Michaela, Barb, James, Val, Sue, Modesto and any others I have forgotten (I'll blame the medication).  More special thanks to Joyce Bileau - not just for her visits with her Brian, and their support for Diane but for posting an update here and also keeping the comments publishing so that the community could help each other. She is a great asset for Project!  Joyce also forwarded messages of support from my regular readers - thanks guys!

    As I can string a few characters together with a couple of working fingers I will be catching up on responses to blog comments over the next week or so.  Good therapy for my mind as my body gets working again.

    Thanks to Rob for the loan of Rome - Season 2 and when you see me next with my short haircut you will think I am even more "Roman".

    Hopefully I will get back to some more product related posts too

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    Update on slow response - Brian Smith Status


    Hi All,

    By now you may have seen that Brian's responses have been non-existent since late June.  It is because he was involved in a motorcycle accident the third week in June on his way home from work.  He's recuperating well and has given me permission to update you and at least publish and update the blog.

    I am not qualified technically to provide useful feedback to your inquiries but as Brian gets better I will be hopefully adding some new blob posts for him.

    In the meantime please continue to support yourselves and the blog to keep it going strong.  If you wish to provide Brian with a support message, please email me at

     Regards and Happy Developing and Troubleshooting.


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    Our Project Server writers have been hard at work – latest demo videos and TechNet content links…


    The latest updates for this month can be found at the following links.  Great work guys!  If there are any other topics you think we are light on then please let me know, so either I can blog on them or we can get other content prepared. 

    Demo Videos

    Watch this: Use lag and lead time

    This demo shows how to use lag and lead time to create gaps and overlaps between tasks in a project.

    Watch this: Create a project

    This demo shows how to create a project, set project properties, and set file properties.

    Watch this: Set up a recurring task

    This demo shows how to create a task that repeats on a set schedule throughout a project.

    Watch this: Split a task

    This demo shows how to interrupt a task, creating a gap between two portions of the task. It also shows how to move the entire split task, adjust the length of the gap created by the split, and rejoin the split portions of the task to remove the gap.

    Watch this: Insert a task

    This demo shows how to insert a new task between two existing tasks in a project.

    Watch this: Group tasks or resources

    This demo shows how to group tasks, remove the grouping, and create a new resource group using multiple criteria.

    Watch this: Create a cross-project link

    This demo shows how to create task dependencies across separate Project 2007 files.

    Watch this: Link tasks in your project

    This demo shows how to create task dependencies within a single project, and how to adjust the link type for the dependency.

    TechNet Content

    Best practices for managing the Microsoft Office Project Server Queue Service

    This article describes best practices for managing and troubleshooting the Queue system in Office Project Server 2007.

    View the ULS logs for queue job entries

    This article describes how to view Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 queue job entries in the ULS logs. It can be used in conjunction with the Manage Queue page in Project Web Access Server settings to help troubleshoot queue job issues.

    Configure maximum job processor threads for the Project Server Queue service

    This article provides guidance about how to configure the maximum job processor threads for each queue type for the Project Server queue service.

    WhitePaper: A phased approach to deploying Enterprise Project Management

    This whitepaper by Chris Vandersluis provides business decision makers, network administrators, and Project Server administrators guidance about various challenges you can face when planning to deploy the Enterprise Project Management solution in your environment. It is the feature article of the From the Trenches – Deploying EPM in the Real World column available on the Project Server 2007 TechCenter.

    Back up and restore the Shared Services Provider

    This article gives you an overview of the task of backing up and restoring the Shared Services Provider for Project Server 2007, and includes task requirements and best practices.

    Back up the Shared Services Provider

    This article provides procedural steps for backing up the Shared Services Provider for Project Server 2007, and includes task requirements.

    Restore the Shared Services Provider

    This article provides procedural steps for restoring the Shared Services Provider for Project Server 2007, and includes task requirements.

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