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    Project Server 2007: Anyone be interested in podcasts and/or video on my blog?


    Ever read my blog and wished I’d recorded a short video explaining what I was talking about?  Or perhaps you travel a lot and wished you could have my blogs on your Zune (or other favorite mp3 player) and just listen instead of having to read.  Let me know – I’ve been thinking about adding some multimedia to the site – either podcasts, some video clips – perhaps both.  If I get a reasonable response I will give it a go.  It will get me to learn more about Silverlight and I might even be able to keep hold of the cool microphone I’ve borrowed which I’ve used to record some internal training stuff.

    Also any topics you think need more coverage – let me know, either by a comment or using the contact link.

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    A New Kid on the Block – but what ate his cat?


    Well new to blogging anyway.  Doug McCutcheon has joined the realm of Project bloggers with particular focus on our partner community.  Welcome Doug, go visit his blog and perhaps we’ll even find out what ate his cat???

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    RSS Readers will now get my full postings again!


    Back in June I flicked a switch on my blog that meant that after about 4 lines you would get a “read more” link and if I had grabbed your attention you might even click and read the rest. Today I have flicked the switch back again after feedback that people prefer to get the full post rather than having to go look for the rest of it.

    The reason I had set it this way was that it did at least give me some indication of what was being read – because I could see the visits to the pages.  The RSS hits don’t really give me that information.  However, I appreciate that many readers may consume these posts offline – or even if you are online it is extra clicks and time to get the full story.  In return for my setting this back to the way you want it I ask that if you like or don’t like a posting – let me know!

    The stats I get from adCenter break down into 3 groups in terms of inbound referrals to the pages – search, direct traffic and referring websites.  For September so far I am running at just over 61% search, around 24% for direct traffic, and the final 15% from referring websites.  I am guessing that much of the direct traffic is from RSS readers hitting the “read more” link – and probably a few that have links saved – it will be interesting to see how the figures change over the coming weeks and months as the changed setting comes into play.

    Do let me know how you feel about this change.

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    The Microsoft Office Support Blog


    If you want to see a broader coverage of Microsoft Office support issues - along with some personal views of what working in support at Microsoft is really like then get along to the Microsoft Office Support Blog.  The scope of this blog in their own words:-

    "This blog is going to be used as a way to bring people into the world of what it is like to do products support for Microsoft Office. We will utilize the blog in a myriad of different ways. You will see posts about technical problems we are working on with customers; get information about patch Tuesday’s and all of the Microsoft Office security bulletins; get a view of how the Product Support organization is organized; hear firsthand accounts from support engineers about what they do day to day; and find out how Product Support and Product Development work together. These are just a few topics that will be covered.

    We hope that you enjoy this blog and come back to check on us regularly. Thank you."

    There is already some really useful stuff up there - on DST, deadlines for moving on from Beta 2 Technical Refresh and lots more!

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    Project Server 2013 August 2014 CU Released–and some corrections


    Before posting this cross announcement I did some double checking and found my earlier Project Support post was wrong – there is no requirement for SP1 in the August 2014 Cumulative Update for Project and Project Server 2013.  I’ve made some updates, but a little more background here.

    I was having a ‘senior moment’ and had been expecting a new baseline to SP1 soon and put 2 and 2 together when I saw the small file sizes – and made 5.000001.  Apologies for the confusion.  I hadn’t noticed that the main cause of the high file size of the server packages, the SharePoint coreserver package, is not released and had just seen the smaller oserver and sts packages.  That was why it was quick… 

    This raises another point which Stefan Gossner brings up in his post – with no coreserver package this month and no uber packages there isn’t an easy way to be ‘cumulatively’ patched up to August 2014 CU for the whole SharePoint and Project farm.  For Project there isn’t an issue, as all our updates come in a limited set of msp files, and all are released – but for the many components of SharePoint, if there isn’t a release of a specific msp in the Cumulative Update then you may then miss updates for this component that were released last month for example.  Hence Stefan’s guidance to load SP1 and the July 2014 CU before loading the August 2014 CU.  So for just the Project updates it is quick – as usual – but for the full server it doesn’t look like it will be any quicker and probably slower.  Sorry.

    There is no Server CU for 2010 this month – just the client, and no server packages either – so worth seeing Stefan’s 2010 post too.

    Full announcement details on Microsoft Project Server 2010 and 2013 August 2014 CU Announcement.

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