If you are migrating test cases containing shared steps from one server to another via TFS integration platform chances are the link between Test Case and shared step is broken.


Even though both workitems Test Case and shared step will be transferred properly and the TFs link between them will also be transferred properly.

Test case internally refer to shared step, by internally I mean Test Case work Item type internally has Shared steps embedded in them. Those links will not be updated.


When you open the test case in Microsoft Test Manager you might

a) Be unable to see shared step at all

b) See shared step which refer to some other ids.

How to know if you have hit the issue:-

If any of the above mentioned scenario is happening and you can go to Links tab of test case and see the proper link for shared step then you have hit the issue


Use the utility attached. All the new work items created will have a link to original work item via ID in history field. This utility tries to get ID of original shared step from which it was created. And then it walks over all the test cases and tries to update the original shared step ID with newly created shared step ID.

Example on how to run utility

UpdateSharedSteps.exe <Project Collection> <Project>

You will need to have permissions to modify existing work items in the project.

Things you should know:-

1) If you have used some other server than
English:- The code is attached in the exe, try updating the corresponding
string which is in history and see if it works

2) If you have customized your categories /workitems chances are this exe might not work: - You might need to change the query appropriately here.


Further links where the issue has been reported