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  • Blog Post: David Suzuki

    Wow! Last night I saw a talk from David Suzuki . It wasn't his normal environmental speach... it was just about his life. He's promoting his autobiography . Even if you don't agree with his views I urge you to go see him talk. He's a brilliant man. I couldn't believe that he is 70 years old! He sounds...
  • Blog Post: Week off, iRiver Clix, and HDD Recorder

    Well ... I'm back from my week off. While I was away I got a year older, gained a lawn mower, iRiver Clix, and a Panasonic HDD Recorder. Awesome week! I also did a heap of tourist stuff in Canberra! My parents were visiting so we spent the whole week doing tourist stuff that I had never even done...
  • Blog Post: Dad's Birthday Present: iRiver Clix

    I just bought my Dad an iRiver Clix for his birthday. I've been waiting to buy it for a few weeks... was just waiting for the price to come down just that little bit extra at JB. Frank Arrigo has the same one :) I think I need one too! ps: Dad, if you're reading this before you get it .....
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