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Azure – Rich Client(s) meets Azure Table Data. Smart Grid Sample – Step 04

This is Step 04. Many more steps to follow.

At the end, you will have Silverlight talking to Azure Tables


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. After receiving this email, you will finish your registration process and continue the installation/setup process.


I created a project called “SmartGridStorage” that I will use with this tutorial.


One you have your access key, you are ready to start creating tables and loading data.


Of course you will need to install the latest Azure SDK.


Azure Tools allow Visual Studio to create New Projects of type “Web Cloud,” which is what we will do in this walkthrough.


Later, we will work with .NET Services, so just install the SDK now.

If you cannot find it, go to and type “.net services sdk download.” It will be the first result.


Once you have the tools and the SDK, you can start your first “Web Cloud Service.”


A fantastic place to start learning Silverlight is the site.

The blog entry starts with Visual Studio, New Project. See step 5.