Hi and welcome to the new UK PerformancePoint Server blog. For the past month I've had many sleepless nights trying to come up with something, innovative, intelligent, and poignant to call my blog. I started with the guys in Microsoft's business marketing organisation (BMO). Renaud Besnard the Office Business Applications (OBA) product manager suggested calling it "BI-curious" which I quickly dismissed on the grounds that...this was not necessarily going to drive people to my blog with an interest in Office/Business Intelligence or even Microsoft for that matter. And so Intelligent Insights on PerformancePoint it is. If blogging had been around in the times of philosophers like Voltaire I'm sure his blog would have had an equally trite title such as "Voltaire's Viewpoint". The blog from here till eternity or until I change jobs - will be referred to by me as II (Intelligent Insight). For anyone that's worked with Microsoft longer than 5 minutes you'll realise that nothing's real here until it's been given an acronym. You'll probably also realise we change jobs quite a lot too but that's a whole other story. 

Like my esteemed colleage James Akrigg I'm kind of new to this whole blogging phenomenon but on the recommendation of Steve Clayton I read a book by Robert Scoble called Naked Conversations - and this changed my perception of blogging from something done by geeks and people who just don't work hard enough at Microsoft - to something that has fundamental business value and allows you to connect with an audience that it's just not possible to meet with one-to-one. 

So what's this blog all about. Well it's about three things:

  1. To provide news and information from across the Office Business Applications (OBA) team with a specific focus on Microsoft’s Business Scorecard Manager, ProClarity and PerformancePoint Server.
  2. To deliver unique insight into what Microsoft and our partners are doing in the UK as we approach the launch of Performance Point Server in 2007.
  3. Act as a repository for you guys to get acess to white-papers, demo’s prodcasts and interviews from key Microsoft people across the OBA business.

Enjoy it. I'm really excited about the upcoming release of PerformancePoint and what this means for our customers and partners. I'd welcome your feedback as this blog is also a forum for you guys to share ideas with us about what you love and hate.