OK - so once again a little off topic but I had the privilege of meeting Hugh McLeod last Friday with a couple of colleagues Steve Clayton and James Akrigg. For those of you who aren't familiar with his work I'd encourage you to check out his blog Gaping Void. To the untrained observer - it would be easy to conclude that Hugh is a guy who writes great cartoons on the back of business cards - but having met him I left with the impression that Hugh is a real visionary and someone with extraordinary passion not specifically for technology but more importantly to challenge the status quo. He's also wrote a great manifesto on brands and blogging which appears on Change This.

James and I posed the question to Hugh - Why are you so interested in Microsoft? and here's his answer.

He also produced the cartoon below for some of the guys at Microsoft.

Now some people may believe we lack the innovation to deliver this vision and that's the great thing about working in this industry - everyone is really passionate about what they do, but - I like many other people at Microsoft come to work everyday to try and deliver exactly this - but the glass is only 10% full.


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