It's been well documented that PerformancePoint will rely on both Excel as a rich-client and also Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) for presentation. With the impending launch of Performance Point Server 2007 due for release in the summer of 2007 - here's a brief glimpse of our development plans which should emphasise the opportunities for developers also.

While these may change in composition or alignment, merging or dividing as Microsoft sees fit, the overall feature list at this point is fairly stable and is being integrated into the larger development project plan. The features for PerformancePoint Monitoring are:

  • Office Integration - This provides the ability to export presentation quality scorecards and reports to Powerpoint and Excel. The ability to easily create scorecards from Excel tables has also been added.
  • Data Sources – Provides the ability to import data from additional data sources: SAPBW, SQL Tables, Excel Import, Sharepoint Lists.
  • Customer Feedback Feature Adds
  1. Visualization of KPI, Scorecard and Dashboard look and feel in the building phase (preview capabilities)
  2. Multiple Actuals/Trend Analysis
  3. Multiple Targets
  4. Annotations on a per cell basis
  5. Strategy Maps
  • Extensibility – Allows ISV's to fill in gaps in the products for data sources not currently supported. Also includes ability to create custom indicators and KPI's.
  • Dashboard Creation UI – Wizard for creating dashboard templates, tabs for page display, UI interaction for design surface (e.g. adding or moving report items on the surface).
  • Parameters – Includes moving scorecard page filters into a new parameters option, creating second class objects for parameters with the ability to auto detect parameters from different report types. It also includes the possibility to link parameters to a set of report views and pages, as well as the ability to query a data source for possible values etc.
  • Publish – Publish wizards for putting the logical layout to WSS and Sharepoint, this includes the sharepoint Web part for Parameters, and the generic toolbar which enables the user to do all actions on the report view, as well as loading data for setting parameter values.

Tomorrow - We'll be announcing the release of the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) for its integrated performance management application Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007. This will allow both customers and partners to download the first bits of code and test the product’s planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation and scorecarding capabilities in a real-world business environment.