On Friday I flew out of Melbourne after spending a month over Christmas and New Year with my family. It was a great month, plenty of sunshine, some "interesting" cricket and great wine - I would highly recommend the DogPoint Pinot by the way. I picked up a couple of cases prior to Christmas for myself and Steve Clayton.

SO having left Melbourne I flew to London with my wife and four month old daughter - 21 hours just in case you've never done the flight. Due to some poor scheduling on my part on Sunday morning I've found myself flying to Redmond for the OBA bootcamp. That's 30 hours of flying and numerous hours in airport queues waiting for connecting flights in a mere 48 hours and 18 timezones in two days. To make things worse I missed my meeting this morning with Khawar Ahmed from the Office Product Group - Sorry Khawar. 

  • Key learning's: never again - jetlag is no fun.

As for the Ashes - this was extremely disappointing. As an Australian living in the UK I had visions of the series being as good as the one in the UK in 2005. I managed to see only three days in Melbourne which for a cricket tragic like me is just not enough.

  • Key learning's: England - must try harder

Over the next 3 days I'll be at the OBA -PerformancePoint bootcamp and I'm sure there'll be some interesting information to come out of these meetings which I'll publish later this week.