I've been wanting to publish this post since returning from the OBA bootcamp in Redmond two weeks ago. At the BI Gartner summit in London yesterday we finally announced the pricing for PerformancePoint Server.

I think it emphasises our commitment to providing pervasive business intelligence and performance management. It will be licensed much the same as other Office products with a single server + single client access license (CAL). The price will be $20,000 per server and $195 per CAL. Internally we breakdown the product components into three areas and even have a three letter acronym (MAP). 

  • Monitoring (M) which includes scorecarding and dashboards which are typically delivered today through Business Scorecard Manager (BSM) and ProClarity dashboard.
  • Analytics (A) which will provide for both a lite-analytics designed specifically for the business user and a more robust analytics designed with business analysts in mind which will look to integrate ProClarity's analytics server (PAS) neatly into the wider Microsoft Office stack.
  • Planning (P) which will provide planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and financial reporting. Previously code-named Biz# this will deliver our vision of creating a more ubiquitous and pervasive tool that moves planning beyond the financial planning department and into the business by utilising Excel as the front-end to the planning process.


The server and CAL offering will provide all (Monitoring; Analytics; Planning) functionality so customers will basically receive a full performance suite for a fraction of the price of today's offerings.

When this was announced internally two weeks ago the first question posed by the MS field about what impact this may have on our competitors and the existing market consolidation we're seeing today. A difficult question to answer although I can assure you our pricing strategy is designed to ruffle a few feathers and force the market to begin to look at developing a pervasive strategy for business intelligence and performance management. Whether or not this is a real "game-changer" will depend upon the perception of the depth of functionality PerformancePoint will provide. From what I've seen so far and given the fact that it's a version 1.0 product I think you'll be pretty impressed. To keep up to speed I'd encourage everyone to sign-up to the CTP if you haven't already.