Ben Tamblyn

I was at the Microsoft Business Intelligence Partner Day on Wednesday and met some great partners who are beginning to look seriously at the Microsoft performance management platform as a viable and cost effective alternative for their customers. There was some amazing feedback on the solution offering given that the planning, budgeting, and forecasting components of the PerformancePoint solution is still in BETA.

Equally as interesting was the fact that some of the guys in attendance are also regular readers of my blog. Jim Plant asked me during one of the breaks why my name was not published anywhere on my blog which surprised me a little - so I went back to check and sure enough Jim was correct.

It was quite timely as it happens, because there's been a lot of talk internally about providing contact information (should I/shouldn't I) including email addresses and telephone numbers on blogs.

So here's my take on why its just a GOOD IDEA.

  • Blogging provides a human face to an organisation like Microsoft and allows us to connect with an audience that it's just not possible to meet with one-to-one.
  • We each have a responsibility to change the perceptions many people have of Microsoft, and making ourselves inaccessible confirms the misconception that we are arrogant, aloof and misguided - none of which I believe is truly representative of the large majority of people working at Microsoft.

Incidentally my contact information can now be found in the "About" section of this blog. Jim - my apologies for the oversight.