A couple of weeks ago I published a post around PerformancePoint Server pricing. I have been asked a number of questions over the last couple of weeks about how this translates into Microsoft licensing - which lets face it unless you deal with it every day is a bit of a minefield.

The table below outlines what we announced.

License Price ($) Function
1 Server License $20,000/EA Monitoring, Analytics & Planning
1 CAL (Client Access License) $195/CAL Access to all features
1 External Connector License $30,000/EA Extranet Scenarios

This is priced to aid pervasive adoption and enterprise deployment and all prices are in US dollars.

Rather than complicate the licensing by providing separate product solution offerings for Monitoring/Analytics and Planning the licensing model is designed to be easier to understand. Obviously - as always I would welcome your feedback here.


For existing customers who have currently purchased Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) or ProClarity Maintenance

  • BSM customers will get 1 Server and 1 CAL license for each BSM Server/CAL license to run PerformancePoint Server
  • PC customers get 1 Server and 1 CAL license for each Server/Desktop/Pro/Web license to run PerformancePoint Server
  • License rights for PC 6.3 and BSM 2005 will also be provided to customers who purchase PerformancePoint Server

Customers not current on ProClarity Maintenance

  • Must renew maintenance with Microsoft by April 1 to qualify for migration policy


So customers who have purchased either BSM/PC with software assurance (SA) in the past will be licensed for and able to run PerformancePoint. This includes all functions of Monitoring (Scorecarding/Dashboarding) Analytics and Planning.

As always feel free to send me through any questions you may have.