This guy is rarely in town and this is actually quite a unique opportunity to get your fix of dimensional modeling and learn from the godfather of BI. Thanks to Emma for the heads up.

Dr. Ralph Kimball is as an innovator, writer, educator, speaker and consultant in the field of data warehousing.  And he is coming to London to deliver a 4-day course. 

In addition, Microsoft can offer you a 10% discount.

The Course:

Excellence in dimensional modeling remains the keystone of a well designed data warehouse. Dimensional Modeling in Depth on 24-27 April 2007 in London is your opportunity to learn from the industry's dimensional modeling leaders - Dr. Ralph Kimball & Margy Ross.

(co-authors of The Data Warehouse Toolkit and The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit)

4 days of learning on:

  • Classic dimensional modeling from beginning to advanced issues
  • Snowflaking, degenerate dimensions and the surrogate key pipeline
  • Slowly changing dimensions, hybrid dimensions and rapidly changing monster dimension
  • Myths and misconceptions about dimensional modeling
  • And much more!

The discount:

Complete overview, course outline & discount form is here.

You need to use this form with the Microsoft logo to be eligible for the discount of 10% off the course fee.