So you miss a couple of sessions at the gym, and put on a few pounds. Blogging is no different, every now and then you get busy, and blogging soon becomes a distant memory. I know it's been a while since my last post - but I've been crazy busy smile_angry, and with the PerformancePoint launch imminent - there's lot's going on and plenty to tell you about. Next weekend I'll be flying out to Seattle for BI Conference. I've spoken to a few people such as Tom Huddock who are heading out there but if you are going, ping me a mail, or call me. I'd love to catch-up with as many people as I can whilst I'm out there. We've also set up through the conference site a facility called MeetingPoint which will allow you to connect with conference attendees. My profile should be up there early next week. The PerformancePoint solution stack, as I know you're all aware touches a number of different areas so I'd try and utilise this conference to connect with complimentary partners. In my experience there are very few partners (if any) who can deliver everything in the stack. I'll be de-constructing the "angry cinnamon stack" in a post later next week to emphasise the importance of making good quality partner connections. 

Hopefully you've all downloaded the PerformancePoint CTP 2. Those that have will tell you stories of 24+ hour downloads but I can assure you it really is well worth the wait. Over the next couple of weeks I'll begin to provide some further background around the launch.