It's a question I get asked this time every year by family and friends looking to buy me book tokens for my impending birthday. So this weekend I get a phone-call from my mother in Australia and the topic of my birthday comes up.

  • Mum: So Ben - What are you reading at the moment?
  • Ben: Nothing in particular - at the moment I spend much of my free-time (which incidentally is not much) wilfing.
  • Mum: Does Ali (that's my wife) know you do this.

It was then that I had to spend some time explaining in depth what I was talking about, and that "wilfing" was an expression referring to browsing the internet with no real purpose (WILF = what was I looking for) rather than a euphemism for spending time alone, which was what my mother thought. I think you get my drift so I'll move on quickly.

What I am reading at the moment in fact is Nick Barclay's new book. Very kindly Nick arranged for his publisher to send me through a copy. A great resource for anyone designing dynamic and interactive scorecards using BSM 2005. 

I'd encourage you to pick yourself up a copy from Amazon if you're working with BSM.

Thanks Nick!