This morning I got a really lovely email from Raja who it seems enjoys my blog - thanks Raja. smile_wink 

It's actually making these kinds of connections through blogging that allows for great conversations and ultimately important connections which just aren't possible 1:1. It seems my evil plan around "cash for honours" is starting to pay off. Only joking.

Off to NYC tomorrow and flying into Redmond on Sunday evening for BI Conference. There are some amazing sessions running next week. Here's a snapshot of some of the sessions I'll be attending.

  • The Microsoft BI Opportunity for Partners 
  • PerformancePoint Server2007: Bringing Value to the Performance Management Process
  • Business Scorecards: Communicating Business Objectives Throughout the Organization
  • Business Intelligence at Microsoft – a Center of Excellence View


There's also three great keynotes from Jeff Raikes, Robert Kaplan, and Steve Ballmer and some brilliant case-references from some of our customers who have been involved in our early adoption programmes.

I'll provide an update from each day of the conference, oh and for those in the UK who won't be attending I'm looking at re-purposing a lot of this content and running a UK BI conference before the end of the year as part of our launch plans so you're not missing out.