Still awaiting for a confirmed date for CTP3 but here's a list of what we'll be adding for the release around monitoring and analytics.

The following Monitoring and Analytics features have been added in Microsoft PerformancePoint Server 2007 CTP3:


  • OLAP View Navigation.  Allows users to navigate OLAP views (drill down, drill up, expand, collapse, cross drill).
  • Time Intelligence Filters.  Provides the ability to make filter selections based on current date/time for nearly all data sources.
  • Drill to Detail.  Allows users to see the transaction-level details behind a value in an OLAP grid, chart, or scorecard.
  • Multi-Page Dashboards.  Provides links for navigating through multiple page dashboards.
  • Export to Excel.  Provides the ability for users within SharePoint to export dashboard views to Excel.
  • Show in New Window.  Allows users to display a report in a new browser window.
  • Data Paging. Displays a partial, paged result set in analytic views to manage large query results.

Dashboard Designer

  • Dashboard Designer Usability Improvements.  Usability improvements within the Dashboard Designer, including bulk editing and wizard improvements.
  • Analytic View Designer.  Allows users to create OLAP grid and chart views through a drag-and-drop interface.  Provides an optional MDX editor for complex queries.
  • Member Selector.  New member selector that provides for additional capabilities, such as selecting descendants.

Excel Services Support

  • Excel Services as a Report Type.  Shows Excel Services charts and tables within dashboards.
  • Excel Services as a Data Source.  Allows users to import tables or named ranges from Excel Services spreadsheets.