Kind of old news now but The Times have published the 50 best business blogs. They cover technology, media & marketing, and other industry sectors.  So there's some obvious ones in there but a couple that I didn't know about. One in particular was the Freakonomics blog which is written primarily by the two author's of the well know book - Stephen D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner and provides some really interesting insight into the correlation between seemingly unrelated statisitics.

Now most people in the free world have at the very least heard of the book. If you haven't read it I would REALLY encourage you to pick up a copy on Amazon. If you're a data geek like me you'll really enjoy the read.

Oh and here are 5 blogs I read no particular order.

  1. Guy Kawasaki (has the ability to articulate common sense so succinctly)
  2. Seth Godin (Ditto - see above)
  3. Steve Clayton - (not because I have to just because he talks about interesting stuff, and has the ability to translate quickly uber-geeky stuff for mere mortals like me)
  4. Todd Bishop - a great roundup of all things Microsoft. You would be amazed at how useful this is. I get asked a lot about things within MS which quite frankly I have no idea about. This prevents me from looking too stupid - no jokes please smile_thinking
  5. The Intelligent Enterprise - everything from across the BI industry