I have to give Jason Morales in the PerformancePoint team in the US all the credit for this idea. He has began to pull together some great content and links from across the OBA business and distribute it to some of his key customer and partner contacts. Some of it has a distinctly North American flavour but with his permission I am going to lift this idea, anglicise it and publish it as a regular monthly update of all things MS BI.

So it's only the 17th of June but what the heck I'll publish it anyway. This is the inaugural monthly update for June 2007.

Key to making this as valuable as possible is letting me know what you would like to see in this...It's very much a free forum for posting information that's important to you.

Enjoy smile_wink


Hot Topics

Performance Point CTP3 – will be available this month!

What’s new in Monitoring and Analytics CTP3

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SQL Server 2008: “Katmai”

SQL Server 2008 Web Casts

Developers to Get Hooks into SQL Server ‘Katmai’

Bridging the Gap Between Data and Developers

Microsoft acquires Dundas’s data visualization components, & SQL 2008 CTP news

Microsoft Acquire Stratature

Microsoft Buys Data Management Vendor Stratature

Acquisition FAQ

Business Intelligence Virtual Labs

Try out a business intelligence virtual lab to test out the technology stack, including:

- Analysis Services

- Excel 2007

- Business Scorecard Manager 2005 (BSM)

- ProClarity

- Report Builder

- Integration Services

- Data Mining

Click here to access the Virtual Labs.

ProClarity Evaluation

Available through MSVL and through the following MSDN Premium subscriptions:

Visual Studio Professional w/MSDN Premium Subscription

Visual Studio Team Architect Edition w/MSDN Premium Subscription

Visual Studio Team Developer Edition w/MSDN Premium Subscription

Visual Studio Team Database Professional Edition w/MSDN Premium Subscription

Visual Studio Team Test Edition w/MSDN Premium Subscription

Visual Studio Team Suite Edition w/MSDN Premium Subscription

Academic Alliance members will also have access to these bits.

Feel free to email me for further assistance.

ERP-Link: Microsoft BI for SAP

The iNet Platform provides a SAP Certified connector to bring data from SAP R/3 & BW to SQL Server Analysis Services.

Jason Morales recently hosted a webinar with ERP-Link to present SAP BW data through ProClarity Dashboards. The session offered great insights into how iNet extends the ETL functionality of SSIS to more thoroughly integrate with SAP data sources.

Please click here to request access to the webinar recording.


Upcoming Events

PerformancePoint/ProClarity Briefing - Customer & Partner

London June 26th (AM): Click here to register 

Manchester June 28th (AM): Click here to register

An introduction to Monitoring & Analytics

London June 26th (PM): Click here to register 

Manchester June 28th (PM): Click here to register

TechNet Webcast: SQL Server Code Name “Katmai” Overview

When: Tue (June 26) @ 4pm-5pm (BST)

Click here to register

TechNet Webcast: Real-Time BI with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

When: Wed (June 20) @ 5:30pm (BST)

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MSDN Webcast: SharePoint Server 2007 and Business Intelligence

When: Fri (June 22) @ 8pm (BST)

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SQL Server Training Courses

Online & Instructor led

PerformancePoint Server Training Site

Includes BSM & ProClarity self-paced online training



Microsoft BI


Archived Webcasts

BI Presentations

Performance Management 101 with PPS 2007

SQL Server

Best Practices

Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Scales to your growing business needs

Evaluation Guide

Data Mining

The data miner

Microsoft BI Blogs

Microsoft BI Blog – by Patrick Husting

Nick Barclay’s BI Blog

Chris Webb’s BI Blog

Vidas Matelis BI Blog

Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky

Prologika (Teo Lachev’s Weblog)

Charlie Maitland’s Blog

Ian Tien’s Unofficial PerformancePoint Server and Business Scorecard Manager Blog

Bruno Aziza

Russell Christopher's Semi-Useful BI Musings

Direct Reports (Brian Welcker’s Weblog)

Ben Jones SQL Blog

Randon Thoughts on MS BI products - Patrice Truong

Microsoft BI Partners

OLAP Report - summaries

Market share analysis

SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 (Microsoft)

Dimensional Relational vs. OLAP: The Final Deployment Conundrum

BI News Links & Press Releases

Ballmer on BI: Microsoft’s CEO Looks Ahead

Microsoft BI Conference

Microsoft Touts PerformancePoint, Next-Gen SQL Server at Inaugural BI Fete

Microsoft Plans BI, Security, BizTalk Managed Services

SAP and Microsoft Extend Alliance for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Business intelligence now a given for SMBs

Next-Gen Business Intelligence: The Future Is Now

Opinion: Enterprise Search Is This Year’s Hot Topic For Business Intelligence